Monthly Archives: July 2015

Pain Myths – Busted! The Truth About Pain

There is a lot of pain myths out there. From whether it exists, to the mechanisms involved, to the management and care, they all stem from lack of awareness. So I thought I would set a few of the most basic mistakes straight. Let’s bust some pain myths!Myth: Pain is the same for everyone. Fact: […]

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Rainbow Smoothie Bowl

Who would’ve thought something as vibrant looking as the Rainbow Smoothie Bowl could be so easy to chuck together?  I’ve always been one to avoid jumping onto bandwagons, and often by the time I try whatever it is, I’m kicking myself for not doing so earlier! The smoothie bowl phenomenon is no exception. Keeping the […]

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Vibrantly Violet Delight Smoothie

Sometimes the best things in life are created on the spur of the moment, with whatever is handy at the time! Enter the Violet Delight Smoothie! During the colder months, my smoothie consumption dwindles a little bit, as the cold weather leaves me seeking warmer beverages (herbal tea, come at me, bro!) But on a […]

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