Monthly Archives: April 2016

Clear Your Space

Feeling messy in your mind? Holding onto things from the past that you don’t need? Feeling trapped and unable to move freely through life? There’s a fair chance that your surroundings are reflecting that; time to clear your space. Our environment reflects upon our mindset, and our mindset reflects upon our environment. So if you’re feeling […]

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Ditch Toxicity

Detoxing is all the rage in today’s the society. Every pill potion and diet shake claims to detoxify your body and leave you feeling amazing. What we don’t think about is the toxicity in our mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s time to ditch toxicity. If you’re feeling down, overwhelmed and stressed, here’s a handful of ways […]

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Do What You Love

How many people are miserable these days because they hate their job, or hate their partner? Or can’t stand their kids, think their friends are useless, think the world is a terrible place? Those same people are the people who get sick easily and have multiple health issues. The answer: do what you love. This […]

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