Monthly Archives: September 2017

3 Things Stalling Your Health Content Creation

As a health writer, I come across a lot of reasons why health practitioners don’t create health content. But despite many different stories, excuses and explanations, I noticed that they come back to three big reasons. So today, I thought I’d share what you can do when you’re not creating the health content you want […]

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Which Health Writing Service Is Best For Your Biz?

When people first come to me for help, they’re not always certain what they need. They know that they need some kind of health writing service or assistance, but not what suits them best. I offer multiple health writing service options. But I definitely don’t think everyone needs the high-end offerings – it’s just not […]

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What A Good Health Blog Looks Like

As a health practitioner, you want to educate your clients. One of the easiest ways is to write a good health blog on a regular basis. But how can you ensure that what you’re writing is interesting? There are a few key elements that make up a quality blog. A good health blog has a […]

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