Monthly Archives: January 2019

6 Ways You Might Be Losing Potential Clients

At the end of the day, you are in the healing business to work with clients. No one will always catch 100% of potential clients out there. But if your appointment list is looking a bit scarce, it might be time to look at where you might be losing potential clients. Today, I’m covering the […]

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Running A Successful Wellness Clinic With Carla Wrenn

Running a successful wellness clinic isn’t always a piece of cake. Sometimes you need to give it time, but sometimes, you just need to work smart! And there’s no smarter way to work than to take the advice of successful naturopath and clinic owner, Carla Wrenn. Keep reading to learn more about how she started […]

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Do Health Practitioners Need To Niche?

When you’re studying health, you learn about all the amazing ways that you can support someone. Modalities like myotherapy, nutrition and naturopathy can benefit people of all ages, genders and lifestyles. Why would you not want to tell people that you can help them with anything? And do health practitioners need to niche? I’m here […]

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