Monthly Archives: November 2019

3 Reasons Why Clients Aren’t Booking In With You

Is your booking calendar looking empty and lonely? Has it been a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks since you had a good run of clients? You’re probably wondering why clients aren’t booking in with you. I come across health practitioners that struggle with this all the time. In 95% of […]

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50 Ways To Market A Practitioner Business

People don’t believe me when I say there are 50+ ways to market a practitioner business, and there will be an option that suits anyone. So I decided to prove it to you all! This list doesn’t cover every option ever. I have tried to include a few paid options – but heaps of free […]

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How I’m Creating Consistent Income In My Business

Over September and October, I had my best income month in my business. But how do you go from an amazing month of income to creating consistent income? To be honest, it’s still something that I’m playing with and finding what works for me. But I thought I’d share the steps I’m going to take […]

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