Monthly Archives: February 2020

How To Create Consistent Content

Do you struggle to create consistent content? This is one of the biggest issues I hear health practitioners facing! But the good news is there are ways to stay consistent with your content – across social media, blogs, newsletters and more. The even better news is that it doesn’t have to mean hours of marketing […]

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One Reason Why Your Dream Clients Aren’t Booking In

So you’ve set yourself up as a practitioner with your clinic space, your supplies and your business cards. But your dream clients aren’t booking in with you. Where are they? Is it that you’re just not good enough as a praccie? Do you need to do further workshops and trainings in specialised techniques and areas? […]

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How To Connect With Your Dream Clients

Are you struggling to connect with your dream clients? Do the ‘wrong fit’ people keep walking in your door – or is there no one walking in at all? Does it feel like whenever you share something, you’re shouting into an empty room? Or are people seeing what you’re sharing, but really not seeming to […]

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