3 Blogging Mistakes Health Experts Make

As a health writer, I read a lot of blogs on health. And I see the same blogging mistakes being made over and over.

They are really simple mistakes, but they make a big impact. In fact, they might be the difference between a client booking in and walking away.

So if you want to avoid blogging mistakes that are sabotaging your business, read on.

The Top Blogging Mistakes Health Experts Make

Long sentences

Time for a lesson in SEO 101: The internet does not like long sentences.

But despite that, heaps of health professionals write long sentences. Maybe it’s because that’s how their brain produces the information. Or maybe it’s an attempt to sound educated. Either way, it’s hard for anyone to read – especially the average client.

Take a look at your latest blog post. Answer these questions:

  1. Have you used the word ‘and’ more than any other word in the post?
  2. Do you have ‘and’ used more than once in ANY sentence?
  3. Can you read a sentence aloud without having to stop and catch your breath?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you’re probably writing sentences that are too long.

I used to do this too. But now, I’m a lot more aware of how it impacts on my articles. In this article, there are less than 1.5% long sentences (more than 20 words).

Long Sentences: The Fix

The good news is that it’s easy to fix this issue. All you need to do is break the sentences up. Almost anywhere there’s an ‘and’, there’s a chance to start a new sentence. The same goes for other joining words in the middle of a sentence.

Oh, and consider losing the semicolon, especially if you’re a long sentence offender. I have a client I edit for, and I always send it back to her with notes saying ‘no more semicolons – make a new damn sentence!’


Huge chunks of information

Do you know one of the best ways to make your reader’s eyes glaze over? Give them a massive paragraph to try and read through. But health experts still make this blogging mistake constantly.

This is like asking someone who is browsing the web to read a textbook. Is the average person going to do that? Or are they going to walk away and find another site? We all know the answer to that.

By writing huge chunks, you are making a lot of your information virtually worthless. The skimmers won’t register any information. Only the most committed might make it through – but it will be uncomfortable.

Huge Chunks of Information: The Fix

There’s an easy fix for this common blogging mistake. All you need to do is break up those paragraphs into easy-to-read mini-paragraphs.

You don’t have to put heaps of work into this. Simply count through 3-5 sentences. Once you reach the end, hit the ‘enter’ button. If it’s partway through a point, go back or forward one sentence before pressing enter.

Remember, this is based on appropriate length sentences. If you have 5 sentences of 30+ words each, you’ve got two problems to address! Fix up your sentences first, then your paragraphs.

Too much technical mumbo-jumbo

This is the number one blogging mistake I see with highly qualified health experts. They have all of this knowledge – but then write it up like an academic research paper. And that loses them dozens of potential readers daily.

I get it. You’re a health expert. You put in the hours, the clinic time, and the money. I did the same. But now you’re qualified, why are you still trying to seem like an expert?

It’s time to trust in your own knowledge. After all, a good practitioner can take technical information, and translate it for the masses.

Too Much Technical Mumbo-Jumbo: The Fix

Keep. It. Simple.

Would you say that term to a client without explaining it? If the answer is no, then explain it in your writing!

You might have some brilliant clients who are really well versed in health and the human body. But the average client is still a beginner. It’s up to you to help them learn, just like you did in your first year of study.

Maybe you have a friend who has absolutely no interest or knowledge of health. Give them a call, and ask them if they know what each term means. If the answer’s no, time to add an explanation.

Is fixing your blogging mistakes too much hard work? Consider outsourcing the job.

You might not be able to outsource your writing, or don’t feel comfortable doing so. But you can outsource the editing and proof-reading. This is a more affordable option, but it will still save you a lot of time.

I offer customised editing packages as well as once-off options. So if you’re ready to outsource the stress, contact me for more information.


What are the worst blogging mistakes you’ve ever made? Share below.


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