3 Health Writing Tools That Make You Suck Less

health writing toolsIt isn’t always easy to write for the internet. The more you write, the more mistakes that are likely. Then there are things that you’ve always struggled to spell right (I always get caught up on ‘sustenance’). Even if you write technically well, it might not be internet or Google-friendly.  Here are 3 health writing tools that can help you navigate the world of writing for your health business.

3 Health Writing Tools To Make Your Writing Suck Less


Do you get caught up in spelling and grammar? Of all the health writing tools I’ve tried, this has been the best for my writing.

Grammarly is an in-built spelling and grammar checker for your internet content. The correction suggestions even cover contextual notes. So if another word might suit the sentence better, it will give you an option to change it.

It can work on Facebook, in WordPress drafts, you name it. You can get extensions for your web browser or use their online text editor.

Best of all, the text editor and extensions are free! After all, the best health writing tool is a free health writing tool.

Yoast SEO plugin

If you know nothing about SEO, writing for the internet can be terrifying. Luckily, you can get a plugin to help you nail the basics of SEO.

Yoast will sit down the bottom of your WordPress ‘Edit Post’ page and let you know how you’re doing for SEO and readability. Green lights are good, orange lights could be tweaked, and red lights need to be fixed. For example, this post has 3 orange lights and 18 green lights – a good result.

Have a play and see how you go! After all, the Yoast SEO plugin is free to use.

An editor

Technology is awesome. But it can only go so far. That’s where a physical second pair of eyes comes in.

With an editor, you outsource the stress and double your chances of spotting mistakes. As an editor is a real person, they are also able to deal better with things such as context and lingo.

The best part about editing and proofreading is that it’s far more affordable than employing a ghostwriter. So you’re kinda getting the best of both worlds!

Want to know more about my editing services?

Bonus: your own voice!

This is a handy trick that I teach all of my health practitioners. Pull up your writing, take a deep breath – and read your writing out loud. If there are any sentences that you stumble over, highlight them, and edit once you finish speaking.

This is a great way to pick up on issues with flow and readability. A sentence can be grammatically perfect, but still painful to read. And painful sentences can turn clients off very quickly!

Which health writing tools do you wish you’d known about when you started your business?


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