3 Things Stalling Your Health Content Creation

health contentAs a health writer, I come across a lot of reasons why health practitioners don’t create health content. But despite many different stories, excuses and explanations, I noticed that they come back to three big reasons. So today, I thought I’d share what you can do when you’re not creating the health content you want for your biz.

3 Top Reasons Your Health Content Isn’t Happening

1. You don’t know what to write

Writing can be hard. Writing for a specific audience even more so. The first obstacle that every practitioner will come up against is what to write about.

Do you cover super general topics? Or do you write about your area of interest? Do you talk about breaking research or traditional stuff? Maybe your readers want to hear about your dog?

There are ways to figure out your health content topics without too much stress. My three top tips for deciding what to write are:

Start general, work down to specifics – don’t assume that everyone knows the basics, like what your modality actually offers

Answer your FAQs – that way, when they come up, you can just post a link to the blog

Be yourself, but don’t make it into a diary – if it’s relevant to your service or who you are as a practitioner, share that. If not, save it for your personal page

If a content calendar is something you like the idea of, make sure you check out my 1:1 service. In just 60 minutes, you can walk away with a personalised 12-week content calendar for your blog and social media.

2. You don’t know how to write it

You might have a million ideas for what to write. But when it comes to writing it down, you’re paralysed. How do you get it written down?

Writing for the internet is hard. Writing for the internet AND for prospective clients can be a juggle at the best of times. And you also want to maintain your natural voice – that’s a nightmare combination for many.

Health content that covers all of these things is a balancing act. There are a few things you can do to make it a bit easier to write:

Decide on a key topic or keyword, and stick to it – this avoids rambling and off-topic add-ons

Write as though you were speaking to a client who has no science knowledge – this means you won’t alienate readers

Read it aloud after writing it – make sure it flows and makes sense when spoken out loud

If this is your big issue, a 1:1 service that goes through how to write for your business is ideal. A 60 min session will help you to understand how to write the best blogs for your audience and goals.

3. You’re a perfectionist

It’s ok, I understand. I have perfectionist tendencies too. It’s everywhere in the wellness industry. But it’s holding you back from hitting publish on that health content you’ve drafted. And that means it’s not serving your business – in fact, it’s sabotaging your success.

If your perfectionism is your weakness, think about this:

Simple is best for 95% of blogs – so don’t worry about referencing it to academic standards unless that is your target audience

Remember that ‘good enough and done’ will achieve more than ‘perfect but not done’ – if it’s never published, it’s a waste of the time you spent on it

Explore the fear – might seem a bit deep, but you want to understand why it’s so damn scary to hit ‘publish’. Are you shy around the spotlight? Do you feel like you’re not ‘expert’ enough?

Consider outsourcing the stress – this has been the most successful tactic I’ve seen employed by my perfectionist clients. Some of them outsource the writing altogether, and others get editing packages for their blogs. Either way, the responsibility is passed on, and they can breathe.


Want to get your health content sorted out?

I have a range of services that suit your needs. Whether you need some support with what to write or how to write it, or you need to get an editing eye on your work, I can help. Simply contact me to get started.


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