5 Things Health Practitioners Need To Do For Their Biz (And Sanity!)

When you work as a support service to an industry, you start to see patterns. And recently, I’ve noticed the same steps are neglected by health practitioners who are in the first few years of business. Now I don’t claim to be a business coach (although I do mentor aspiring health writers now!) But these are tips that I hand out again and again to my health writing clients. So I thought I’d share some of the things health practitioners need to do for their biz, but often neglect.

5 Things Health Practitioners Need To Do For Their Biz

5 Things Health Practitioners Need To Do For Their Biz

Pay yourself

Believe it or not, you went into this with the intention of getting paid. If you didn’t, you would be volunteering instead of starting a business. So it’s your responsibility to pay yourself.

I found the easiest way to figure this out was to work off percentages. 50% of my income is my wage. The rest covers things like business expenses and taxes. Your percentages might be a little different, but the idea is the same. If you can’t afford to pay yourself even when you are bringing in money, you won’t stay in business very long.

If your business costs take up 60% or more of your income, you need to find a way to rebalance it. Some ideas to get you thinking: switch to free accounting and booking software, do online visits 1-2 days a week to reduce your rent costs, or increase your fees to cover more of the expenses.

Pay your super!

Believe it or not, if you’re paying your own wage, you also have to be paying your own super. Health practitioners need to do this so that they are secure for the future, but many neglect it for years.

The one issue is that when you’re self-employed, income can fluctuate a fair bit. That’s why I set aside 10% of my income for super every time money hits the business account, no excuses. I use Grow Super, because I get to choose how my money gets invested AND I can contribute in chunks whenever money comes in.

Get your legals sorted

Whether your business is bricks and mortar or online, you are subject to the law. So it’s always best to cover your butt with enforceable legal documents. That way, if a client does get hurt or becomes spiteful, you’ve got the documents to outline your services and limitations.

All of my legal docs were creating using Michelle Whitehead’s templates. In fact, I loved her templates so much, I became one of her first affiliates! Depending on your biz type, you might want to look at templates for client agreements, website terms & conditions and privacy policy. Not sure if her services are right for you? She does offer free 30 min chats, so pop her through a message.

Seek support from others

No man or woman is an island, even if they’re self-employed. But so often, we isolate ourselves and get dragged down by the weight of our own insecurities and doubts. No judgment here – I’ve done it countless times. But please, for the love of God, seek support if you feel this way.

It can be informal, like the fantastic groups we’re in on Facebook. It can be more formal, like working with one of the fantastic coaches and mentors that specialise in health practitioners. Some of my clients have worked with Tammy Guest, Carissa Bennett and Geraldine Headley, so check them out if a coach is on your must-have list.

It can even be counselling. But being alone in this game is a guaranteed way to burn out, lose your passion and/or get yourself committed. Don’t do that, please.

Create quality content

Did you think you’d get away without me talking about content? Think again! Content is the most genuine way to promote your business and your knowledge as a practitioner. But quality content can also be repurposed, so you can get more out of the one piece of work.

If you are a health practitioner and aren’t writing, doing Facebook lives or interacting with followers on social media… start with my health writing archive. It has pretty much everything you need to get started with writing quality health content.

Looking for ways to create quality content in a fraction of the time? I’ll be opening slots every couple of months for my new article subscription service. Contact me to learn more.

What do you think health practitioners need to do for their biz and sanity? Share your experiences below.

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