6 Support Services I Recommend For Every Health Practitioner

Support Services For Health PractitionersIt’s hard being a new practitioner. Hell, it’s even hard being an old hand prac sometimes. When you own your own biz, it feels like you have to do it all yourself. But the good news is, you don’t. That’s why I thought I’d share these top support services for your business.

Support Services For Your Health Biz

1. A Tech Support Guru

Unless you have a degree in IT, the world of the internet and technology is terrifying. It can feel terrifying to look at designing your logo, building your website, setting up newsletters… the list is neverending.

That’s why one of the very first stops you should have for support services is a tech guru. Someone who can support you in your DIY work, or just do it for you.

My go-to tech guru is none other than the lovely Shonelle from Tech For Pracs. Check out her site here.

2. A Legal Eagle

Another terrifying world you have to be aware of as a practitioner is the legal world. Although you will likely have insurance by now, you still need to legally cover your butt at every turn.

When it came to writing my client contracts and redoing my website legals (which is still a work in progress, oops!), the templates from Michelle Whitehead were a no-brainer. They were easy to use and personalise. Plus if it gets to be too much, you can upgrade to different services, so Michelle helps you out! Check out the templates here.

3. A Biz Coach

Our degrees teach us how to manage health. But they’re pretty poor at teaching us how to manage business in this current day and age. And there’s no real cover of the mindset you need to make your biz a success!

When you get started, there are so many questions. That’s why a coach is a perfect person to pull it all together. They will let you know when you’re off track, keep you accountable, and celebrate your successes with you.

Luckily, there are a few great coaches that work specifically with practitioners. Make sure you check out Tammy Guest and Carissa Bennett from Practitioners With Purpose.

4. A Writer

You might think I’m biased. But even if I’m not the writer for you, I still advocate every practitioner (who isn’t also a writer) work with one at some stage. A good writer can be the difference when it comes to your web copy, your sales page or even your social media reach. Their work supports getting the word out to the people who need you most.

5. An Accounting Whiz

I’m not big into numbers – and a lot of pracs are the same. Taxes, BAS, GST or not – it’s just a giant headache! That’s why you want to have an expert on your side to translate for you and get you through the process each year.

This year is my year to get an accounting whiz on my team – so stay tuned for my recommendation.

6. A Vibrant VA

There are a lot of niggly little tasks that aren’t super important, but just suck away at your time. It might be responding to your emails, or managing your social media, or doing your general admin work. This is where a VA comes in.

I’m a big advocate for hiring an Aussie-based VA as soon as you can afford to. They may be pricier, but I consider that a worthwhile investment in a fellow Aussie business!

This is next on my to-do list! So as soon as I have a great recommendation for a health VA, I’ll let you know. If you know one, drop a comment below.


Which support services have transformed your business and freed up your time? Let me know below!


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