I'm Samantha Gemmell - but you can call me Sam. I'm a qualified nutritionist, health writer and wellness speaker. My passion is sharing knowledge and research with people all over the world so that they can live inspiring, thriving lives.

I believe that everyone has different health needs - there is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. I'm here to help you on your journey to find YOUR idea of health and wellness - whether it be for yourself, your clients or your followers.
My approach is holistic - we look at the mindset, the nutrition and the lifestyle combined, creating a mind-body-soul connection.
As a nutritionist...
I dispense health and wellness advice to women across the world, particularly those managing a chronic illness. We work together to create an individualized plan to suit their biochemistry, lifestyle, budget and goals. See more here.
As a health writer...
I write engaging articles, e-books and e-courses for passionate health professionals and wellness companies across the globe. See more here.
As a wellness speaker...
I offer fun workshops, presentations and demonstrations to businesses and community groups wanting to improve the well-being of their members. See more here.
As a person...
I will stop to cuddle every dog that walks within a 100m radius of me, even if I'm running late. I love dancing in the rain. I'm a fur mumma. And I can't sleep with socks on! 
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