Cacao Tea: Why It’s My Beverage Of Choice

Cacao tea

kkao Co Cacao Tea

Why on earth would I want to drink cacao tea, you might wonder. The truth is, I discovered this beverage only a few months ago. But it has well and truly changed my life.


My favourite, and only, source of cacao tea is from kkao Co. You’ll hear a bit more about that in a minute. First up, is why I choose this as my number one sip choice.


Cacao Tea Can Boost Brain Function

As a freelance writer, my brain is my pay-check. If I don’t think clearly, I fall behind. That’s where cacao tea comes in. It can boost blood flow to the brain. It’s thought to boost cognitive performance. In fact, it may even hold the key to reversing degenerative brain disease.

Cacao Tea Contains Theobromine – An Energy Booster

To tell the truth, I’m not a huge coffee fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee! But what I don’t love is the jitters that I get from it. I am very sensitive to caffeine.

Cacao tea does contain some caffeine. But it also contains theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, but better! It’s similar in that it can boost your concentration, give you a kick of energy, and have you feeling good. But it also affects the body differently, and doesn’t disturb sleep.

It might be a bit of n=1 going on, but I find that I don’t get jittery at all. A cup in the afternoon doesn’t leave me up all night, and a mug in the morning gives me a good start without the racing heart.

Cacao Tea Can Boost Your Mood

I’m sure anyone who has met me can attest that I can be moody sometimes. We all have bad days! But cacao tea can help with that.

It’s believed to have mood boosting abilities, thanks to the happy antioxidants and theobromine. So if you’re feeling a little gloomy, it can be a good choice.

Cacao Tea Tastes Great Hot Or Cold

Am I the only one who makes a cup of tea, and finds it sitting there 4 hours later? I’m pretty sure everyone has done it at one point or another. But I am SHOCKING at it.

Imagine my delight when I made this mistake with my second ever cup of cacao tea, only to find out that it was incredibly tasty even stone cold!

When it finally hits summer, don’t think I’ll be stashing away the bag. Instead, I’ll be mixing up some tasty iced tea concoctions and desserts.

Cacao Tea Tastes Like Chocolate

Um, duh! Who doesn’t love the thought of enjoying chocolate all the time? This is the perfect way to get a tasty chocolate fix.

But the even better part is: it doesn’t have the sugar or kilojoule content of a chocolate bar. Which, to me, means you can enjoy it all day long!


Where Can I Get My Hands On Some Cacao Tea?

What a good question! It depends on how desperate you are. If you absolutely have to have some asap, head on over to my lovely friend at kkao Co, and she can sort you out in a jiffy.

Feeling a bit more patient? kkao Co have generously donated a beautiful big bag of their delicious cacao tea to help support my fundraiser. So if you’d like a chance to win, head on over to donate now.

Remember: it’s good for you. So grab yourself some, and enjoy your daily chocolate fix!

Three Cacao Tea

kkao Co ‘s product range

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