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Running A Successful Wellness Clinic With Carla Wrenn

Running a successful wellness clinic isn’t always a piece of cake. Sometimes you need to give it time, but sometimes, you just need to work smart! And there’s no smarter way to work than to take the advice of successful naturopath and clinic owner, Carla Wrenn. Keep reading to learn more about how she started […]

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Why Clients Pay To See You: Here’s The Truth

As a writer for practitioners, I come across so many people who think that content will take away paying clients. But I want to bust this giant myth in the industry once and for all, and talk about why clients pay to see a practitioner like yourself. The myth: clients pay for information Sure, this […]

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Passive Income – Is It Really That Easy?

The thought of making money while you sleep is pretty tempting. Many a business owner has been captured by the idea of passive income. But is it as passive as it seems? Let’s look at passive income for a health practitioner. What is passive income? Passive income is money that you make for very little […]

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