Why Clients Pay To See You: Here’s The Truth

why clients pay youAs a writer for practitioners, I come across so many people who think that content will take away paying clients. But I want to bust this giant myth in the industry once and for all, and talk about why clients pay to see a practitioner like yourself.

The myth: clients pay for information

Sure, this might have had some merit in previous generations. But we now live in a world of technology. Everything is a mere Google search away. Information is something that we have an excess of, not a lack of.

You can’t give away too much

Often, my clients will worry about giving away information. But even if you didn’t give out that information – someone else would. As long as there is a demand for information, people will give it away. But the thing is, at the end of the day, clients pay practitioners. But it’s not just information they pay for.

What clients pay for – really

I always tell people that clients pay for two things:

  1. The ability to tailor information to their personal needs and goals
  2. The support they need to make changes to their health and lifestyle

That’s it! Your years of study have given you the tools to cherry-pick information and strategies so that the client in front of you doesn’t have to. When it comes down to it, people want you to save them time, money and/or energy. As long as you are doing these things, people will pay you for the convenience.

How to use content to find paying clients

So now that you know why clients pay, how can you use your content strategically to bring in more of those paying clients?

  1. Know who you’re writing for. Be really clear on the type of client you want to bring in the door. Otherwise, you can’t direct your content to address their issues.
  2. Find the topics that those people want to know about. Just because you find the subtle differences between MTHFR protocols interesting doesn’t mean that your clients do! Instead, answer the questions that they ask over and over again.
  3. Have a call to action in every piece of content. If you don’t ask them to read another article, sign up for a newsletter or check out a service, they probably won’t. Make it easy for them to know the next step to take after reading.
  4. Get visible to those clients! You’re not going to find many high-paying clients in buy-swap-sell groups, for example. Find out where the people you want to work with hang out. Can you join some local business groups? Can you get other people to share it to their page? Do you know of someone who might let you post it as a guest blog? Get out there – no one is just going to come to you if you are hiding in your clinic.

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