How To Connect With Your Dream Clients

Are you struggling to connect with your dream clients? Do the ‘wrong fit’ people keep walking in your door – or is there no one walking in at all?

Does it feel like whenever you share something, you’re shouting into an empty room? Or are people seeing what you’re sharing, but really not seeming to get it?

There is a solution.

This is how you can connect with your dream clients.

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Simple Steps To Connect With Your Dream Clients

Figure out who they are in the first place!

To connect with a dream client, you need one to connect with. If you don’t know your ideal people inside out, you will probably struggle to share in a way that allows them to feel a connection with you.

So who is your dream client?

  • What do your dream clients have in common?
  • Is it a symptom, a lifestyle, a stage of life, or concerns with a particular body system?
  • Do they have similar goals and level of commitment to their wellbeing?
  • Do they understand the value of taking care of their health? (spoiler alert – the answer to this one should always be yes!)
  • What keeps them awake at night?

Once you know who these people are, you can start to apply the next point.

Consider where they are at right now

This is often a step where praccies can stumble. You have so much knowledge about health and the human body to share! But unfortunately, the majority of your clients won’t.

Most people don’t realise that their health concerns are deep, complex or involve multiple factors. They often think that they’re just tired, or moody, or stressed, or lazy and unmotivated.

By the time they think about seeing a practitioner, they’re just starting to suspect that there is more to it. It’s your job to meet them at that place, confirm their suspicions, and help them to continue that journey.

So what do you need to think about when it comes to where they are at? To start with, you want to consider:

  • What they think their health concerns are right now
  • What might not be on their radar just yet (aka what you need to educate them about)
  • Their education – general and health-specific
  • The type of language they use and relate to

Find a form of reaching them that makes you feel good

Ever been told that you can’t possibly succeed without Facebook lives, an aesthetically pleasing Instagram layout, running webinars or sending out daily emails?


While I do agree that there are a few forms of marketing that can be particularly useful, there is no one size fits all approach.

The best way to market your business is to find a way that you can stick to. And generally, the way you can stick to is the way that feels enjoyable for you.

No idea which form of marketing might feel good for you? Check my list of 50 different marketing techniques here for some inspo.

Be a human as well as a practitioner

I get it. You want to come across as professional – and that’s absolutely fine.

But it’s also absolutely fine (and even preferable) that you stay real and human when you’re sharing with your audience.

Tell them what you do when you have a bad day.

Share that you love coffee, or you’re a crazy dog person, or how you used to struggle to sleep well.

To be 100% honest – we don’t connect with ‘the world’s best nutritionist’ or ‘the absolute expert of thyroid conditions’.

We connect with ‘that practitioner that really gets me’ or ‘the naturopath who manages her own hormonal condition, so she can help with mine’.

Be open and authentically you!


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