Content Creation Tips For New Health Practitioners

Marketing as a new health practitioner can be a little overwhelming. A big sticking point for many new praccies is content creation. There are so many ways to create content for your prospective clients, so where on earth do you start? Lucky for you, I have some simple content creation tips to share with you.

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Content Creation Tips For New Health Practitioners

Remember your ideal client

If you’re a regular reader here at my blog, you might have heard me mention this once. Or twice. Or more. So why is it coming up yet again in my content creation tips??

Simply, because you cannot create quality content without considering who you want to resonate with said content. The average mum doesn’t give a crap about elite athlete nutrition requirements. People without kids don’t care about tips for fussy eaters. People with a chronic condition will probably tell you to stick it if you give them elaborate 20 ingredient recipes, cos we ain’t got time OR energy for that!

I know that you know what you want to tell them. But you’re coming from a place of expertise (more on this below). Instead of jumping on your wellness high horse, figure out what your ideal client DOES want. If they want any advice for getting a single serve of veg into their rugrats, give them that.

Assume your client knows nothing about health

It’s really easy for us to assume that clients know things. But the majority of them really don’t. Unless you are working with other health practitioners as your niche, work off the premise that you’re starting at zero. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of losing clients.

This does mean that you might have to explain really simple concepts in a few blogs. But someone is more likely to book in with you if they feel like you meet them where they are at!

Find a content form that you enjoy creating 

When I was a new practitioner, there was pretty much only Facebook and blogging. Everything else was pretty new territory. Nowadays, you have so many options it might make you feel a little pukey. Heck, I’m a marketer, and I get anxiety thinking about managing every kind of content out there!

So instead of jumping in with every kind of content ever – start with content you enjoy creating. If you can talk anyone’s ear off and aren’t camera-shy, start with Facebook lives and shift to Youtube as your confidence grows. If you’re a bit more reserved, hide behind a laptop like me!

The magical thing about finding one type of content is that you can then…

Reuse what you create

Content is not something you just create and then throw to the side once you’ve shared it once. That content is your message and your wisdom and your insights and your way to connect with your tribe. So once you’ve made something, find ways to repurpose it.

Used video? Turn that same content into a written blog by transcribing it (with some tweaks if needed). Went for a blog? Use it as a script for a live video, or pull out tips to use as social media posts.

For more ideas around repurposing, make sure you check out this article.

Keep it simple

Of all of my content creation tips, this is the one that I wish I could tell every practitioner EVER. Content can be really simple. The structure can be simple. The topics can be simple. Even the core message can come back to the same damn thing with every piece of content.

So don’t go crazy, especially not as a new practitioner. There is time to grow as a content creator and a practitioner. You don’t need to be writing elaborate 3000-word articles while running a podcast and making videos that go out to 3 different newsletter lists. Take it one step at a time.¬†


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