Creating A Health Freebie That Supports Your Biz

health freebieEveryone loves a good health freebie. For your prospective client or reader, it gives them a chance to access some of your knowledge and expertise.

But why would you want a health freebie to give away, and how would it work? Let’s have a look at the concept of a freebie in detail.

Why create a health freebie?

There are two sides to the freebie story: what’s in it for you, and what’s in it for your prospective client. It’s easy to forget one or other of these, so keep these in mind.

For your prospective client: A freebie is a way for them to get a taster of your expertise. It shows them where your passion is, and that you can support them. It may be a baby step for them to start working on their health. And it’s free, so to them, it’s also risk-free.

For you: A freebie allows you to give value to a prospective client. It shows you as an expert in your chosen area. It can be a way to share an upgraded option towards the end, if you have a low-cost option available.

And generally, you would exchange the freebie for an email address on a mailing list. That means you can reach someone more directly – no more getting shoved down the Facebook feed.

The elements of a good health freebie

How do you create a quality freebie? Here are a few points to consider:

  • It has to be visually appealing. Many a good freebie has fallen flat because it’s a plain word document with no colour or branding.
  • It has to give value to the reader. It might be a checklist, a sample meal plan, or even a video or email series. But don’t hold back on your expertise – just because it’s free doesn’t mean you won’t get value in return.
  • It has to be well-written (or scripted). Know what you want to share, and say it in the simplest way!
  • It has to be of value to your ideal client. There’s no point in creating a freebie about sports nutrition if you want to see fertility clients. So ask a few of your clients what they might like a freebie about.

Want to create your own health freebie?

Follow these steps to be on your way:

  1. Decide on a topic that you can share a good amount of info on, and that your ideal client would like to use.
  2. Write your copy (or script, if using video). Re-read it the next day to make sure it’s all good.
  3. Design your freebie. If you want a written freebie, try using Canva to design it.
  4. Link your freebie up to your mailing list, so people receive it once they have signed up.
  5. Go out and promote it! If people don’t know it’s there, they won’t sign up for it.

Need help creating your health freebie?

If your freebie copy is getting you down, I’m happy to help with writing and/or editing your freebie piece. Contact me for a quote today.

Is it the design and layout of an ebook that gets you lost? Check out my girl Shonelle at Tech For Pracs – it’s right up her alley!


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