The Easiest Way To Book More Clients This Month

Do you want to book more clients this month? Of course you do – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this!

Your business relies on you being able to work with clients on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a lot of practitioners struggle with filling their books to their goal amount.

If you look at advice from a lot of business coaches, booking clients can seem complex. You need sales funnels, webinars, Facebook lives every day, a contract with a social media influencer… the list goes on!

But in my books, there is one very easy way to book more clients every week, month and year. So I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do.

The Easiest Way To Book More Clients This Month

The Easiest Way To Book More Clients This Month

I’m not into recommending super-complex marketing techniques. After all, you’re a practitioner, not a marketing manager or social media guru!

What you need is a simple process to book more clients that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. That’s exactly what this 3-step method is.

Step 1 – Put together an offer that is relevant to your ideal clients

The first step is pretty simple – you need to put together an offer.

This doesn’t mean that you need to invent a new service or create a new package – but you can if you want! An offer is simply a way of stating one way that people can work with you.

You can put together an offer for:

  • 1:1 sessions
  • Group programs
  • E-books or e-courses
  • Retail products
  • A package of multiple services and/or products

Now, you might have noticed that there was a part two of this. The offer needs to be relevant to your ideal clients.

What does that mean?

Put simply, it needs to meet your ideal clients where they are at and offer them something they can see the benefits of.

If your offer doesn’t talk to a problem that your ideal clients are aware of experiencing, they won’t realise it’s for them.

If your offer doesn’t let them know what the benefits might be for them, they won’t see the point in taking up the offer.

Every offer you create needs to speak to what your ideal clients feel is a significant problem for them, and it needs to let them know what they walk away with.

For example, say that you work with women who have underlying thyroid issues.

They might not know that they have thyroid issues yet. But they do know that they are experiencing symptoms such as feeling exhausted all of the time.

To create an offer tailored to them, you might:

  • Mention that it is for women who are tired of feeling exhausted all the time, hate that the scale keeps creeping up, and feel overwhelmed
  • State that the benefits may include increased energy levels, improved sleep and being able to cope with stress more effectively

This means that it is much more likely that they will connect with the offer and take it up!

Step 2 – Share it across your networks

Even an offer that is mind-blowing and life-changing for your dream clients is useless if it sits in a Word document on your computer!

An offer cannot serve anyone if no one knows that it exists in the first place.

That’s why we have to take step 2 – share your offers out into the world.

What this looks like depends a lot on where your ideal clients are hanging out and what you already have in place. You could share the offer across:

  • Your Facebook page and stories
  • Facebook group(s) that allow you to share offers
  • Your Instagram feed and stories
  • Mailing list(s) you have of people who may be your ideal client
  • Other platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Tik Tok (if that’s your jam)
  • Any freebies you might run, such as a live Masterclass or a webinar

This can even include in-person events if those are part of your marketing plans. For example, if you run workshops or talks at the local community centre, you can share your offer at the end of the event for those who want to explore how to work with you further.

Step 3 – Rinse and repeat

The first two steps can help you to boost up your bookings for a little while. But if you want to consistently book more clients and see more of your ideal cases, you need to keep taking those steps.

Keep putting together offers (even if you only have one service, you can write or script different copy for each offer)

Keep putting those offers out across your networks.

It really is that simple.

Bonus tips for sharing your offers

The majority of practitioners I come across are not comfortable with putting offers out there. So here are some quick and easy tips to help you craft a great offer:

  • Make it crystal-clear who the offer is for in the first 2 lines this reduces the chance of time-wasters or people who aren’t a great fit
  • Talk about the offer like it’s your best friend’s offer we are so much nicer about our loved ones than ourselves!
  • Come from a place of service the energy of putting an offer out from a place of service is very different than a place of desperation!
  • Include the details – mention how it’s delivered, how long it takes, and any other relevant details
  • State the price with zero justification or apology – hiding your prices is not going to serve anyone! It’s not your place to decide what is expensive for someone else – so just state your cost and let them decide.

The goal of marketing is to book more clients. But to achieve it, you need to stay consistent, connected and visible.

If marketing is an area that you need some help and accountability with, I’ve got the solution for you. Check out the brand new Passionate Prac Marketing Membership here.

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