Energy Boosting Ingredients – Put A Pep In Your Step!

energy boosting ingredientsWe all have days where we just want to go back to bed. But unfortunately, these days are rarely on weekends when we can do just that! It might be tempting to keep chugging down coffees and snacking on sweet treats until the end of the day. But if you’re looking for some healthier options, I’m going to share the energy boosting ingredients I use to keep me going.

Energy Boosting Ingredients You Want To Know About

Green tea

I’m no anti-caffeine nutritionist! But I am about making smart choices about which type to have and when. If you’re under the pump and need energy minus the jitters, green tea is your go-to beverage of choice.

Green tea has enough caffeine to give you a buzz. But it also contains compounds that help to boost your focus and keep your stress levels to a minimum. This makes it the perfect ingredient for an energy boost without the side effects.

My favourite green tea for energy is Planet Organic Ginkgo Plus – it has adaptogenic ginkgo to keep the stress at bay, plus all the goodness of green tea. Delish!


Who doesn’t love chocolate-flavoured everything? But yummy factor aside, cacao also has some energy boosting, feel-good compounds.

Theobromine, a component found in cacao, is caffeine’s more chill cousin. It gives you a subtle energy boost, which also means that you’ll probably have fewer side effects.

Got a sweet tooth? Snack on down on some 70%+ chocolate when the 3pm slump hits. Prefer a sugar-free alternative? Check out one of my favourite cacao products at (because chocolate tea is everything you ever need in life!)

Adaptogenic mushrooms

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my recent updates, you’ll know that I’ve been playing with adaptogenic mushrooms lately. Well when it comes to energy, the power in these mushies is reducing the impact of stresses that drain your energy. The better your body can cope with stress, the better it can produce the energy that you need to just keep swimming.

For a two-in-one deal, check out the Cacao adaptogenic mushroom mixes at Four Sigmatic.

Good fats

It’s really tempting to snack on quick sweet treats when we’re looking for a quick boost. But although they will give you a quick high, a crash will always follow. That’s why I much prefer snacking on foods that contain healthy fats. Healthy fats keep us fuller for longer, and give a steady feed of energy into the body, instead of a quick spike.

Looking to add in some healthy fat snacks? Eggs, nuts, seeds, homemade trail mix, coconut flakes and avocado are some of my favourites.

Want to really indulge? I love me some Noshu low-sugar donuts – I have 1-2 of the dark chocolate raspberry flavour each week as my ‘sweet treat’.


Ok, so it might not be the most glamorous of the energy boosting ingredients. But we need water to function, full stop. So if you’re not getting the water your body needs to do things like produce energy, guess what? Slump-Town.

Whenever you feel a bit fatigued, chug a glass of water. I find it fixes my energy dips about 50% of the time, which isn’t bad for a 30 second fix!

Do you struggle to remember to drink water regularly throughout the day? I love the Healthish water bottle, as it encourages you to drink small amounts throughout the day, instead of downing litres at a time.



What energy boosting ingredients and foods do you love to use? Drop a comment below!


Psst – This is not a sponsored post, and I don’t get any kickbacks. These are just products that I genuinely love and recommend to my peeps!

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