Finding Great Health Writing Topics For Your Blog

great health writing topicsWhen you’re writing full-time for your job, it might seem easy to find topics. When you’re a practitioner and business owner, it might be harder to come up with great ideas on the spot. I work with 1:1 clients, and the first thing we do is to map out great health writing topics for their blog.

But the truth is – these health writing topics come out of their brains, not mine!

Here are the ways that I encourage people to find ideas to keep their content fresh and interesting.

How To Find Great Health Writing Topics

Step 1: Figure out your target audience

There is no point in picking health writing topics that have nothing to do with your target audience. If you don’t want to work with men, don’t write about men’s health. It’s that simple! But you’d be surprised at how many practitioners write about a topic that’s popular in the media – when they have zero interest in it.

Step 2: Think about what your current clients are asking you

If you’ve done your marketing right, you’ll have at least one or two clients that are your ideal. In this case, listen to what they are asking you! Very often, practitioners don’t write about simple topics because they think it’s been covered. But if your client is asking about it, then it’s obviously not covered enough. So take some time to explain those topics well – it might just snag you a dream client.

Step 3: What gets your ranty pants on?

We all have things that bring out the ranty pants in us. For me, it’s ‘the perfect diet’, food as medicine, nutrition as a tool, and writing as a tool for health businesses. And hey, look at that – I have created a sustainable biz around those very things!

But seriously – if you’re ranty, you’re passionate. And things that you’re passionate about can be transformed into great health writing topics. Just try to edit out most of the cursing and bad-mouthing of others. Much better to put a positive spin on it!

Step 4: Cover all angles

You might have a few health conditions that you really enjoy talking about. But have you covered all of the possible angles? Sometimes, you might write just one side, and think the topic is done. Nope, there’s plenty more where that came from!

As an example, here’s a quick 2-minute brainstorm for topics about adrenal fatigue:

  1. Adrenal fatigue 101
  2. What causes adrenal fatigue
  3. What can adrenal fatigue contribute to
  4. Diet interventions for adrenal fatigue
  5. The worst foods for adrenal fatigue
  6. Lifestyle tips for adrenal fatigue
  7. Lifestyle choices that make adrenal fatigue worse
  8. Ways to tell if you have adrenal fatigue
  9. Clinical testing for adrenal fatigue
  10. Why your adrenal fatigue protocol isn’t working
  11. The perfect health care team for someone with adrenal fatigue
  12. Everything you wanted to know about adrenal fatigue (a major blog linking to all of the other topics)

As you see – you can get 3 months worth of topics out of ONE keyword or topic, just by looking at the different angles.

Step 5: Get away from the computer

Magic happens when you stop thinking about things too much. Go walk the dog, have a meditation session, get a massage. It never fails to astound me how many amazing ideas come up when I’m forced to switch off. So give yourself some space, and let the creativity flow!


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