My Exciting News – Announcing ‘Finding Your Wellness’ Retreat 2019!

Wellness is my passion. Not just an absence of illness, or feeling ‘ok’, but true, deep and thorough wellbeing. Unfortunately, many of us spend years searching for that one approach to make us feel energetic and full of beans. If you’re on the journey of finding your wellness, my latest offer might be right up your alley.

Introducing my ‘Finding Your Wellness’ Retreat!

Finding Your Wellness Retreats At Resorts Liesel Albrecht Absolute Twin Sands

Are you confused about which foods are good for you and which are harmful? Searching for balance in your approach to health and nutrition?

Finding Your Wellness is the retreat for you!

You’ve tried every other diet out there, but nothing seems to work. Or you know you should be eating better, but you slip into the same old habits. Or maybe you want to learn more about how to find your balance with food.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no one diet approach that is perfect for everyone. It’s about what works for you. On this journey together, we will explore why food is such a personal and complex part of life, and how to make it work to suit your lifestyle.

All About My ‘Finding Your Wellness’ Retreat

This retreat is in collaboration with the retreat guru, Liesel Albrecht, and the team at Absolute Twin Sands Resort. The goal is to give you not just a wellness reset, but a thorough education about what makes your body tick and how to keep it happy and thriving!

But the retreat will also incorporate plenty of fun activities and R&R time, so you can unwind and enjoy your holiday. After all, finding your wellness shouldn’t be hard or boring!

Let’s dive into the workshops you’ll be participating in:

Workshop #1 – An Introduction To Nutrition & The Holistic Approach

Here, we’ll start to look at how food and nutrition play a role in every function of your body and mind. We’ll spend some time setting health goals that are achievable and sustainable, and look at what’s held you back until now.

Workshop #2 – The Myth Of The ‘Perfect Diet’

Have you ever wondered why none of the fad diets that you’ve tried have delivered the results that others have experienced? This is because there is no one ‘perfect diet’ that suits everybody. Different people need a different balance of macronutrients, micronutrients and calories that no one trendy diet can deliver!

During this session, we’ll dive into the specific factors that influence how YOU want to eat for wellness, and how they differ from others. This is where you can begin to shape your own ideal dietary plan.

Workshop #3: Eating For Energy & Productivity

We all need to be on our A game for different reasons – work, school, business, family and activities. But if your food choices and timing aren’t tailored to your hormones and body clock, you’ll end up feeling flat and fatigued.

To get you feeling energised and able to kick goals daily, we’ll take a look at the various food and lifestyle factors that are making or breaking your energy levels throughout the day.

Workshop #4: Making Healthy Choices Easy

Do you find eating well is a struggle? You are not alone. Even a nutritionist has days where she just wants to give up and dive into a pile of junk! So let’s look at how to make eating healthy foods your default choice.

We’ll discuss strategies that make choosing nutritious options almost as easy as heading to the drive-through. You’ll walk away with simple tips and tricks that suit your lifestyle along with recipes that are just as delicious as they are nutritious!

Workshop #5: Finding Your Middle Ground

Finally, it’s time to look at finding the balance in your new approach to food and nutrition. After all, food is not just fuel – there are social, cultural, emotional and psychological influences to consider. And frankly, a diet that leaves you deprived of your favourite foods is no better than any other fad out there.

Instead, we take a long-term approach that will let you have your cake, and even eat it on occasion! You will learn what to ask yourself to make sure that your diet choices are right for your overall wellbeing – not just your physical body.

Your new healthy and balanced lifestyle starts from the moment you step into the retreat.

This is not a retreat where you’ll be living off lettuce leaves and green juices! Throughout your stay, you’ll be dining at the Blue Mango Restaurant, where you’ll enjoy luxurious, foodie-approved meals that leave you satisfied.

You can also kickstart a healthy approach to lifestyle and stress management with daily yoga on offer. And if it’s been a little while since you’ve been able to treat yourself? You’ll be getting two full hours of spa treatments DAILY.

After your retreat

You will walk away with a greater awareness of food and how to listen to what your body needs. You’ll understand how the foods you eat can be medicine not only for your body, but your mind and soul.

But the best part is that you will have your own personalised food plan mapped out, allowing you to make informed decisions around food and health. When you arrive home, you’ll know exactly how to incorporate everything you’ve learned into your routine. The lifestyle changes and good habits you’ve always wanted will no longer be a daydream. Together, we will make your goals into reality!

The location: Phuket

Is it really a wellness retreat if we don’t hold it in a gorgeous location with a strong focus on wellbeing? I don’t think so.

We’ll be enjoying ourselves at Absolute Twin Sands Resort and Spa in Phuket. Here’s a lil sneak peek of the venue:

Absolute Twin Sands Finding Your Wellness Retreat AccommodationAbsolute Twin Sands Finding Your Wellness Retreat Facilities Absolute Twin Sands Finding Your Wellness Retreat Pool

The nitty gritty details

Date: 8th – 15th June

Location: Absolute Twin Sands Resort and Spa – Phuket, Thailand

Investment: from $3999AUD

Payment plans available: you bet!

For the full breakdown of the Finding Your Wellness Retreat, including fees and the full retreat schedule, click here.

Ready to discover your healthiest, happiest self?

Woohoo! All you need to do to claim your spot is email with the subject ‘Finding Your Wellness June Retreat with Sam‘ and say ‘yes! I want to come along to Sam’s wellness retreat’. The resort will pop through all the details, and can set you up with a payment plan if you need.

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