General Services


As a qualified nutritionist, I am able to offer nutrition consulting services to businesses and media. Any time there's a question about nutrition, health and wellbeing, I can offer some insights!

Whether you're a:

  • PR rep
  • Wellness business
  • Freelance writer
  • or something else

- I can help you to answer your nutrition questions.

Fee – From $175 per hour. Travel fees extra. For a personalised quote, contact me directly.


Nutrition Consultations

As a qualified nutritionist, one of my services is clinical nutrition consultations.

What is a nutritionist?

There's no official protected title for 'nutritionist' at this time in Australia. However, in my case, a nutritionist is someone who has completed a 3 year Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine. This included many hours of supervised clinic time, working with real clients on real cases.

Basically, I worked hard to be able to help people with food!

What is nutrition?

Simply put, nutrition is about what you put into your body, and how it makes you feel.

The way that I practice nutrition involves:

  • No one-diet-fits-all approach
  • No eliminating foods, except those that you personally react to
  • Superfoods as an option, not compulsory items
  • No extreme juice cleanse diets or shakes
  • No unproven supplements that cost a lot for little benefit

Instead, in a nutrition consultation I focus on:

  • Personalising your diet to what your body needs
  • Adapting it to suit your goals, lifestyle and preferences
  • Offering supplements and superfoods as an option, but not a necessity
  • Advice that suits what you need from a nutritionist – whether that be a diet plan or a general guideline

My studies also covered general fitness and lifestyle advice. So while I can't give you a specific yoga routine, I can suggest ways to help you manage your stress and move your body.



I have a limited number of sessions available each month. To view available times, click here.

Fee – from $175 for an initial appointment