The #1 Tool To Get Your Health Content Sorted

health content sortedHealth practitioners and healers all have different struggles when it comes to writing for and marketing their biz. But there’s one tool that I recommend to every single practitioner and business I work with. The one tool that will get your health content sorted in no time: a content calendar.

A content calendar is simply a plan of what you’re going to be producing on your blog and/or social media to support your biz. It could be very simple, or intricate, depending on your needs. But it is a tool that can help you figure out your health content and marketing for a number of reasons.

Why A Content Calendar Will Get Your Health Content Sorted

  • It preplans everything for you. That means you don’t need to go into a sudden panic and make up a half-hearted blog or social media post on the spot.
  • It gets you thinking about promo periods before they happen. That means you can have well-crafted supporting blog posts when most practitioners are only just thinking of a Facebook ad.
  • It allows you to schedule ahead of time. Taking a holiday in January? You still have content scheduled. Unexpected family emergency? Your page won’t go silent, even when you’re offline.
  • It’s still flexible to allow other content in. That means if new research pops up, or something in your area of interest goes viral, you can have your say. I have content scheduled until Feb currently – but I still add in tidbits each week when they come up.
  • You will lose that sense of pressure, urgency and stress when it comes to your content. There will be a clear plan of what to post and when, so you’re sorted. Phew!


Content Calendar Options

So how are you going to put together a content calendar to get that health content sorted? You have a few options to consider.


If you like having creative control, or you’re on a super-tight budget, this is your starting point. You can create your own document to plan your content out. That way, you have some idea of what is coming up!

The upside: It’s free to DIY your own content calendar! Just open up a Word or Excel doc and put together a table.

The downside: If you’re not sure about how to go about it, it can be even more intimidating.


If you truly dread planning and scheduling for your biz, you might consider outsourcing the task. This option has a few different levels – you can outsource the planning and scheduling of content, or even the whole process. That means someone else plans, creates and schedules for you.

The upside: You lose the stress and gain the plan with almost no effort! And that’s what we all want.

The downside: It can be pricey to outsource your content planning and scheduling. Some people also don’t like feeling like their marketing is out of their control.

The middle ground 

Neither of the above appealing? That’s where this option comes in. This is where you work with a professional to sort out your content. Unlike outsourcing, you still have creative control of what goes into your calendar. But you also have the benefit of someone who works in writing and marketing, so you have expert tips and advice.

This middle option is a great balance between the two options. You won’t be jumping in blind, but you also won’t be spending hundreds or even thousands on someone else doing your stuff for you.


Ready to get your health content sorted out with a middle ground option?

In just a single 1:1 content support session, we can plan out a full 12-week content calendar for your blog and social media. To book in, click on through!


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