Happy Herbal Teas To Try Today

herbal teas to tryIt’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with herbal teas. They’re delicious, and have different health benefits to offer. So let’s have a look at some of my favourite herbal teas, and the benefits they can offer you.

Happy Herbal Teas

Green tea

So technically, this isn’t a ‘herbal tea’ as such, but I couldn’t leave it off the list. Green tea is my focus go-to. It has numerous health benefits, but my faves are:

  • Reducing stress hormones in the body
  • Boosting focus and concentration
  • Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds

It does still contain caffeine, so don’t go loco on it. But you can enjoy 1-3 cups per day – just try to limit it to before 3pm, so you don’t disturb your sleeping patterns.

Cacao tea

So, you might have spotted this love of mine by now. But cacao tea is legit the tastiest tea I’ve ever had, and it may also be the most nutrient-dense. Check out this article I wrote for my fave tea company about the benefits that a single cup can offer.

Enjoy a couple of cups each day. If you want to amp it up, add your milk of choice for a sugar-free hot choccie. After all, who doesn’t want to drink chocolate without it being bad for them?

I highly recommend kkao.co as your go-to cacao tea. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for mine!

Elderberry tea

Got the sniffles? Get elderberry into you. As many of you know, my mum is studying naturopathy. She did an assignment a few months ago on the health benefits of elderberry, and honestly, I was impressed!

It can help to boost your immunity, reduce mucus production (ick), aid your recovery from illness and soothe inflammation that the infection might cause in your respiratory tract. So it’s an all-round tonic for the winter-time!

Have a few cups a day if you’re sick, or just enjoy a cup when you’re feeling pre-sick. I love the elderberry and echinacea blend by Pukka Herbs.

Nettle tea

This is a superstar herbal tea! I first started using nettle tea to help with my staffie’s allergies, as nettle is a natural anti-histamine. So if you have allergies, particularly over spring, it might be worth trying a regular cup.

But nettle is also a traditional blood-builder, so it’s great for those who are iron-deficient or anaemic. My favourite tooth health expert has also told me it’s great for rebuilding teeth, which is pretty cool!

Add in a cup or two daily. It has a rich flavour, so feel free to sweeten with raw local honey for a natural sweetness.

Sleepy tea blends

Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat herbal tea, as it’s a blend. But sleepy blends are great for more than just sleep. They can help you to unwind and let go of stress at the end of the day. Many blends include nervine herbs that can nourish your nervous system. Others have herbs that are mild sedatives.

I have a few that I use – I review one of my top picks here. But most of my favourite blends include herbs such as valerian, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm and oats. I usually enjoy a cup 2-3 times per week on average, or more if I have a stressful week, or have had a poor sleep the night before.


These are just a few herbal teas to try out. Feel free to get creative, and go crazy in your local health food store! I know I certainly have before, and we now have the tea cupboard, shelf and box to show for it.

Which herbal teas are your favourite to sip on? Share below!

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