How Often Should You Publish A Health Blog?

health blogHealth experts are expected to blog, be active on social media, and run a clinic all at once. Having a health blog can definitely have benefits for your clinic. But how often should you be publishing an article on your health blog? There are several factors to consider when thinking about a blog schedule.

How Often Should You Publish A Health Blog

What is your schedule like?

Some health professionals are booked solid. Others have a little more freedom, and may choose to work part-time. In this case, it might be a bit easier to publish regular health blogs.

There’s no point in aiming for 5 blog posts a week if you’re busy. All you’re setting yourself up for is failure! However, if you want to build up your content, consider outsourcing some articles to a health writer.

How many topics can you offer?

Are you in a highly specialised area that is still under development? Or are you in a very general clinic? I believe that you can always come up with new topics to share. But if you struggle to come up with topics on your own, you might want to spread those topics out.

Do your topics require extra research?

Sometimes, articles take time to write! It’s not necessarily the writing itself that is labour intensive. Instead, it’s the researching of the topic and finding relevant research. This is particularly true for people in complex specialities or areas of interest.

In this case, you might have less time to write it up. If you rush it, you might make mistakes that could undermine you as a voice of authority.

Are you writing them all yourself?

This comes down to how much of the pressure is on you. Is it your job to:

  • Come up with the idea
  • Find an image to use
  • Research the article
  • Write the article
  • Edit and proof-read the article
  • Optimise the article for SEO and readability
  • Upload it to WordPress
  • And share the article on various social media outlets?

This greatly restricts your ability to produce more regular content. However, if you choose to outsource some, or all, of these options, you’re able to publish more often.

The bottom line: It depends

Everyone will need to publish more or less often, depending on their circumstances. What it really comes down to is how much you can invest in it – time, money or energy-wise.

Your best bet is to work out what you can expend on marketing your business via blogging, and then create a schedule that works. Regularly posting fortnightly blogs will work much better in the long term compared to publishing 5 blogs a week for two weeks, then vanishing off the planet.

I suggest that you aim for at least one blog per month. If you can, weekly or more is ideal – but only if you can blog that often regularly.

Is your health blog driving you batty?

You don’t have to do it all alone. Whether you want to outsource your editing or the whole writing process, I can help. Simply reach out with your details, and we’ll find a way to support your biz.


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