Do you struggle to create consistent content? This is one of the biggest issues I hear health practitioners facing!

But the good news is there are ways to stay consistent with your content – across social media, blogs, newsletters and more.

The even better news is that it doesn’t have to mean hours of marketing every single week!

Let’s look at the 4 simple steps I use to create consistent content.

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4 Simple Steps To Create Consistent Content

Get clear on your content pillars

The first tip I always give practitioners that aren’t sure what they should be sharing? Figure out some core content pillars.

When you’re clear on your niche and what you enjoy working with, it can be helpful to distil down the main topic areas, or content pillars, you talk about. These are the topics you come back to over and over again.

I generally recommend having 3-4 pillars so that it doesn’t get too complex or confusing.

For example, you might have noticed that my 2020 content pillars are:

All of my content for the year will link to one or more of these. These are things that I can talk about until the cows come home! But they are also reasonably general, so I can come up with plenty of specific topics within them.

As another example, one of my VIPs is a brilliant myotherapist who works with chronic and complex cases. For 2020, her content pillars are:

  • Chronic pain
  • The nervous system
  • Chronic condition care and management
  • Helpful tools & homework

Again, these can overlap – some of her blogs may incorporate aspects of all of the content pillars. But it also allows her to stay consistent when it comes to attracting clients who have chronic pains and complex conditions.

Still not sure what your content pillars are? Do a big brainstorm of all of the topics you talk to clients about. Have a look at that list, and see if you can see 3-4 common themes.

Find one form of content that you enjoy creating

Often, practitioners get overwhelmed with all of the forms of content. They’ve heard that Facebook lives is where it’s at. Then it’s all about the mailing list. And of course, if you’re not on Instagram or Tik Tok, your business is dead in the water.

But guess what?

All you need is one form of content that you enjoy creating to get started.

This can depend on your nature and how comfortable you are with being visible. But some forms of content might include:

  • Written content such as blogs, social media posts or long-form newsletters
  • Visual content such as videos and Facebook lives
  • Audio content such as podcasts
  • Guest content – this can incorporate any of the above, but hosted on someone else’s site or social media

Once you have one juicy form of content, you’re set up to share and repurpose on a regular basis.

Repurpose as much as possible

I am all about marketing that is as easy and lazy as possible! You’ve put a whole lot of effort into that one form of content. So why not get every drop of juiciness out of it?

Whenever you can, repurpose your content so that it’s consistent across all of your marketing channels.

  • Share tips from your blog onto your Facebook page.
  • Use your website’s stock images and branding pics on your Instagram feed.
  • Use information from your live videos to write a blog or create an opt-in.
  • Pull quotes from a podcast and chuck it into Canva to create an image for your social media.
  • Reshare your most popular content pieces 3, 6 and 12 months down the track.

For more repurposing ideas, check out my previous article here.

Create with your dream client in mind

Consistency isn’t just about churning out content on the regular. It’s also important to create content that is consistent with your ideal clients and what they need.

Don’t know who your ideal client is? That’s the place to start.

Don’t know what type of content would benefit your ideal clients? You might need to ask them via some market research.

This is where it can be handy to have a little dream client avatar who represents the average person you’re looking to engage with.

Every time you go to write a blog or film a video, ask yourself: is this something my dream client would be interested in clicking on? Does it help them to connect with me? Will it educate them? Is my offer of service and value to them?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you’re on track with consistency.

Needing help to create consistent content?

I’m here to help. Book yourself a 1:1 marketing support session, and we can put together a plan to help you stay consistent across the board. Click here to book your appointment.

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