How To Write A Nutrition Article For Your Biz

Every modality has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nutritionists have some fantastic qualities, and the right content will showcase these. Here are some tips on how to write a nutrition article that will support your biz and your reputation as a health expert.

How To Write A Nutrition Article

how to write a nutrition article

Follow the rules for a good nutrition article

Whenever anyone asks me how to write a nutrition article (or any modality, really!), I check to see if they’re covering the basics first. Are you using appealing images? Have you included subheadings and keywords? Nail these, and you’ll be well on your way to a great nutrition article.

Pick a topic that your ideal client is interested in

It’s tempting as a practitioner to tell someone what they REALLY need. But unfortunately, people aren’t going to click on something if they don’t think it’s going to help them. So you need to know what interests your client.

For example, you might write a topic about ‘5 ways to tame your crazy cravings’. But in that, you might mention how it’s important to actually eat enough food in the first place, or how mindful eating can help with emotional eating.

Talk on their level, not yours

Unless you work with practitioners as your main clients, you need to assume your clients know less than you. If you can’t guarantee that everyone knows something, explain it in your article. I still have people who get surprised when I explain how sugar causes blood sugar fluctuations, and how that is why they feel good for a little bit, but then crash!

Write for the people who you want to be speaking to.

Remember that food is medicine

At the end of the day, our bodies are made up entirely of something that we have consumed, or our parents consumed. So food truly is medicine for the body if used correctly! That’s why I’m always talking about the benefits of wholefoods in my nutrition blogs. Don’t feel like your advice is any ‘less’ just because it’s not a quick-fix all the time. Small changes can transform a body, especially the average person with a diet full of processed foods.

The more people that realise how powerful the right food can be, the healthier the world will become.

Remind people about personalised nutrition

This is why I’m never afraid to give out information about beneficial foods – because I bring it back to the importance of personalised nutrition. Someone can read 100 blog articles and still not find the right diet approach for them.

So remember to add a point at the end that mentions that everyone is different, and the best way to know what they need is to work with a practitioner.

Which brings us to…

Call them to action!

If someone reads a blog and it’s exactly what they needed, but there’s no call to action, how do they know where to go? Readers aren’t mind-readers, so they don’t know what you have to offer unless you tell them.

Make a clear call to action at the bottom of each article. It can be small, like a newsletter sign-up or leaving a comment. Or it can be a link to your booking or contact page.

Don’t know how to write a nutrition article for your website? Looking for some help?

Make sure you check out my 1:1 sessions for personalised support. If writing nutrition articles makes you cringe, my health writing VIP might be for you – read more about it here.

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