Hydrate Yourself! Easy Hydration Tips For Summer

hydrate yourselfYou might be feeling the heat this summer. Or you might live in Melbourne, and have the combination of heat and storms. Classic Melbourne! But either way – you might be looking for ways to hydrate yourself. So let’s go over some easy tips to keep yourself hydrated in the heat.

Why hydrate? 

Just like diet, how much you need to drink is individual. There are a lot of factors that impact on how much you drink, including:

  • Your weight, height and body composition
  • Your exercise levels
  • Other lifestyle factors
  • Medication use
  • The temperature on the day
  • How well your kidneys are functioning

The government recommendations are around 2.1-2.6L of fluid per day, including other beverages. But if you’re not drinking that much yet, it’s best to increase slowly.

It’s best to consume small amounts of water frequently. This means that losses are replaced quickly, and you’re less likely to just excrete it. Ever tried chugging 1L in one go? You just end up needing to pee 10 minutes later!

If you’re living an average lifestyle with not much exercise, start with 1.5-2L of pure water per day. If you’re quite active, add 1-2 cups for every 30 min of exercise to replace sweat losses.

Heat increases your need for water – so if it’s over 30 degrees C, increase your intake by about 2 cups.

Not sure if you’re hydrated? Look to the toilet! You want to aim for pale yellow urine, assuming you’re not using supplements or medications that change urine colour. If your urine is consistently clear and you feel light-headed, reduce by a cup or two. If it’s dark yellow, increase by a cup or two.


What’s your favourite way to hydrate yourself? Share below in the comments!

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