Need Inspiration For Content? Here Are 5 Places To Find It

Sometimes, you’re full of information that you’re excited to share with followers. But other times, you’re in need of some inspiration for content creation.

If you’re stuck in the latter stage, I’ve got 5 ways to find inspiration and get back on the content creation bandwagon.

5 places for health practitioners to find inspiration for content woman looking thoughtful with laptop on couch

5 Places You Can Find Inspiration For Content

From your clients’ questions

Unless you’re still a new practitioner or are in the midst of changing your niche, your current clients are likely to be ideal clients. After all, they are booking, showing up and paying you! This makes them the ideal people to give you inspiration for content. 

Keep a notepad at your clinic desk, whether you work online or in person. Whenever a client asks you a question that you’ve been asked at least once before, note it down.

Then, when it comes to content creation time, review those questions and see what you can do with them. Can you write a blog about it? Is it an opportunity for you to jump on a Facebook live and give a few insights into it? Or is it a quick fact that you can schedule into your social media?

The best part about using this strategy is that you’re guaranteeing that your content is relevant. You are creating your content based on demand, so there are at least 2-3 clients who want to read that blog or watch that video already.

From the breaking news (if it’s relevant!)

There’s always something health-related trending in the wider world of media. So keep an eye out for opportunities to jump on the news bandwagon. If a news story breaks that relates to your niche in any way, make the most of it!

How can you do this?

  • Scope out opportunities to be a media source on Sourcebottle
  • Write or video yourself responding to controversial health advice
  • Interpret the findings of a new study (bonus if it’s a study with claims that the media has exaggerated!)
  • Re-share previous content you’ve written about the topic. You can even tweak and update a blog then republish it and share with your followers

From other practitioners

Now, I’m not saying this is an opportunity to copy someone else. After all, you want your content to stand out and appear unique to your followers! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by what other practitioners are sharing.

Find 5 other practitioners who work in a similar niche to you. They can be the same modality, but I do suggest you pick at least 1-2 that have different qualifications. Follow their pages and see what type of content they’re posting. Have a look at the comments and reactions to see what is doing well and what is flopping.

If you can, figure out why certain posts are succeeding. Are they more engaging? Do they have appealing images and visuals? Or is it posts that are asking for readers to interact? You don’t want your content to be a copy-paste of someone else, but you can reverse-engineer their social media successes and failures.

From your own rants

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’d know one of my favourite sayings, “Rants are where the content gold is found!”

When you get fired up about a topic, it means that you care about whatever it is. It’s the area where there are unlimited ideas for content, because you could talk about it all damn day without pausing for breath.

When was the last time that you got really excited or really shitty about something in your area of expertise? Was it an influencer giving out shoddy advice with zero science to back it up? Did a doctor tell your client that their diet has no impact on their health condition?

Now, here’s the real trick. Tone down the rant for the purpose of your content. The last thing we want is you getting sued for slander!

Instead, opt for a little tact and a lot of facts. For example:

“Some people have been giving out advice about X. But these people are misguided – here is what the latest research actually shows about X.”

“Have you ever been told that your diet and lifestyle can’t affect your X? Here’s why that’s incorrect.”

See how you’re educating them, but without laying direct blame? This is the best way to go about it, unless you particularly want to get into a social media war with the fruitarian queen or the carnivore-eating caveman.

From some downtime

Sometimes, your brain just needs some space. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, there’s a good chance that inspiration will only strike when you take a break. Ever noticed that the best ideas strike when you’re nowhere near the laptop?

If the first 4 places aren’t giving your inspiration for content, disconnect.

Go for a walk with your dog.

Take a long shower or a hot bath.

Set a timer and do 20 minutes of meditation.

Have a power nap.

The inspiration will flow naturally when you take care of yourself.


Still struggling to find the right inspiration for content creation?

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