Loving Earth Chocolate – A Review

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet some new friends at Loving Earth. While we were chatting, they asked if I’d be happy to do a review of some of their products. An excuse to gobble down some Loving Earth chocolate? Hmm, let me think about that…

So here is my honest review of some Loving Earth chocolate flavours – in terms of taste and nutrition.

Loving Earth: The Brand

First up, I think it’s important to discuss the brand itself and its values. Loving Earth is an Aussie company (which I love) that is based in the eastern burbs of Melbourne. Unlike a lot of brands, they truly walk their talk and do everything that can to reflect their values.

Their chocolates are all:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Cane sugar-free
  • Soy-free
  • GMO-free

Most ingredients used are certified organic, certified fair trade, or both. Even their packaging is designed to be sustainable. The chocolate box is printed with vegetable inks and is made up of 97% recycled fibres. The wrapper itself is made using sustainable plant sources, and you can actually compost it.

At the bottom of the boxes, you will see it says ‘food is sacred’. I don’t think you could sum up my beliefs any better than that!

With these in mind, I gave two of the Loving Earth chocolate flavours a full taste test (because mindful eating, yo!) and nutritional analysis.

Enjoy my oh-so-professional snap of these chocolates, complete with knees!

Loving Earth Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate

Hazelnut and chocolate are simply a match made in heaven. Obviously, Loving Earth have figured this out. So let’s see how this goes.

(Real-time commentary)

Ok, so like most raw chocolate, it definitely melts in your mouth.. and your hand if you’re not quick. The hazelnut flavour is definitely there without being overwhelming. The cocoa flavour is quite subtle. When you eat this, creamy is definitely a word that comes to mind. Think of a creamy chocolate filled with hazelnut praline – but way healthier.

To the nutrition side of things! The ingredients are cacao butter, cocoa beans, raw hazelnuts, coconut nectar and pink lake salt. Simple, wholefood based ingredients. As there is a good dose of cacao in the bar, this chocolate will be full of beneficial antioxidants. Many of the ingredients are also anti-inflammatory, which is great for overall health. Macro-wise, it sits at around 53.2% fat and 20.5% sugar.

Also ladies, as a side note: do not leave this chocolate bar unattended around your partner if you want to eat it. I have learned this the hard way!

Loving Earth Salted Caramel Chocolate

Full disclosure: this was already my favourite long before I tried it. Anyone who knows me knows I love salt, so the combination of salt into choccie is a dream come true.

(Real-time commentary)

Oh god, it started melting before it even got to my mouth. Mayday, mayday! Unlike a lot of ‘salted’ caramel flavoured goodies, they are not kidding about the salt. It is perfectly balanced with the sweetness, at least in my humble opinion. It’s not quite as smooth as the hazelnut flavour, but that might be because it contains cashews instead of hazelnuts, or because of the extra salt content. But it’s still tasty as hell.

Nutritionally speaking, the salted caramel bar is quite simple. There are just 5 ingredients – cacao butter, coconut nectar, raw cashews, coconut and pink lake salt. There are plenty of fats at around 59% fat. The sugar is around 19.7%, which may not be ideal for every day (assuming you are like me and cannot stick to the suggested serving size) but is certainly lower than your average chocolate bar.

Loving Earth Chocolate: The Bottom Line

Compared to many chocolate options on the market today, Loving Earth chocolate is one of the healthier options. For many, it can be a healthy alternative to the sugar-laden chocolate bars you find at the supermarket.

But as we know, I’m a big advocate for personalised nutrition. So there are a few people who may want to skip the Loving Earth chocolate options I’ve reviewed. These include:

  • People intolerant or allergic to nuts and/or coconut
  • Those following a very low carb or ketogenic diet
  • Anyone who has difficulty digesting fat

I’d also note that although they do not list fibre on the packaging, the ingredients suggest there’s a good chance of some fibre being in there. So it may not be suitable for people following a low-fibre diet.

Personally, I will keep munching on Loving Earth chocolate for a long time to come. So if you ever want to bribe me… you know what to get now!

Please note: I was given no incentive to do this review aside from a friendly request and the products. So you can be reassured that my review is 100% based on my experience.

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