How To Make Your Content Stand Out From The Health Crowd

Everyone is talking about health and wellness these days. So how do you make your content stand out from the other practitioners, bloggers and influencers in the wellness world?

Here are some ideas to get you started with making your content unique.

How To Make Your Content Stand Out

Write as you speak

If there is one tip I give out for written content every damn week, it is this one. When you think too hard about what you write, it will come out stilted, with no real flow. Your sentences will be uniform, your words lifeless and lethargic.

Ain’t nobody got time to read that.

But when you speak, your clients LISTEN. Your friends lean in. Even strangers at a party will eavesdrop because you are so damn passionate about whatever you’re ranting about. That is where the content magic lies.

Do you find yourself censoring yourself as you write? Here’s a handy tip to work around that!

Record yourself talking to a family member or friend about the topics you’re most passionate about. Then transcribe the best bits, or get a VA or writer to do it for you. Voila, you have juicy content that stands out!

Want to take this tip to the next level and really make your content stand out?

Start doing Facebook and Instagram lives. That way, your content truly is based on how you speak about your passions!

They give people the opportunity to interact with you live, so you can customise your suggestions based on what they tell you they are struggling with.

For example, you might go on and do a Facebook live about fatigue tips. When you see people watching, ask them what their number one struggle with fatigue is.

Is it getting to sleep? Sleeping deeply and waking refreshed? Fluctuations in energy throughout the day? Low motivation?

Once you have an answer, give some suggestions based on their problem.

As a bonus, anyone who interacts with you on a live video feels more connected to you, which increases their trust. And that means they are more likely to book in with you. Everyone wins!

Get specific to your reader

We all know people should drink more water, or eat more vegetables, or eat less sugar. But generic advice that can get ignored easily. Why? Because it’s not relevant to the person receiving the advice.

But what if, instead of that, you shared recommendations such as:

“Did you know? Even 1-3% dehydration can significantly impact your energy, memory and brain function. So if you want to perform well at work, aim to drink at least 1 cup of water every 90 minutes.”

“Want to reach for the lolly jar? Think twice! A high intake of sugar can suppress your immune system by up to 45% for 5 hours after you consume it. So if you’re trying to avoid falling sick this winter, skip the sweet treats.”

See how these are talking to the reader directly? You are saying it as if you know that your reader is someone who values a productive work day, or is desperate to avoid the latest flu going around. When you share your tips and tricks, make sure you are clear as to why it applies to your target audience.

Use consistent and attractive images

When you look at a newsfeed, what catches your eye?

Sure, there might be a handful of words that catch your eye. For example, if I see ‘nutrition’, ‘Melbourne’, ‘health writing’, ‘content creation’ or ‘dog’ – I will probably scroll back up to check it out!

But more often than not, what really catches someone’s eye on social media is the image. You want your images to appeal to your potential audience so that they do stop and click to see what you’re sharing.

You can use stock photos for this if it’s relevant to the topic. I probably use 1-2 stock images each week on social media. But a good way to catch someone’s eye is with your face! We’re wired to look for faces. Much like the live videos, people will feel like they are more connected to you and able to trust you if they know your face.

That doesn’t mean EVERY piece of content needs to have your mug on it. But don’t be afraid to get visible with your content – whether it is with a selfie or a more curated photo from a photoshoot.

Here are two examples that I use fairly consistently – one is a selfie, and one is from a photoshoot. Have a look at each, and think about what sort of posts I might use them for.

make your content stand out from the crowd selfie Sam Gemmell woman with finger on chin

I usually use this picture on social media when I’m sharing a ‘did you know’ post, or potentially an offer where I’m asking ‘does this sound like you?’



make your health content stand out from the crowd Sam Gemmell photoshoot woman smiling with pen and notebook


Because this image is a little more polished, I tend to use it more often in biographies for guest blogs, or as a profile picture for my page. If I’m sharing an offer that includes writing, I might use this or something similar. 



Reminder: not everyone sees health content as often as you!

I get it. It feels like every second page is talking about the same things you are – stress management, meditation, gut health, the importance of balanced hormones, the list goes on.

But guess what? Not everyone is a health-info junkie like you are!

Take my partner as an example. He LIVES on Facebook when he’s not working or gaming. So you would think there would be a decent amount of health info in his feed.

But guess what is actually in his feed?

  • North Melbourne Kangaroos
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Boston Bruins
  • Liverpool
  • No Context “The Office” memes
  • Funny dog videos

In fact, the only time that something health-related does pop up in his feed? When it’s something I’ve shared or commented on!

So don’t assume that people are just going to ignore your advice just because you’re not the only one sharing it. Given that the statistics are something like 1 in 2 Aussies have a chronic condition, there are people out there who need you to educate them.

While it’s a good idea to make your content stand out from others, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share the same information as other health experts.

Looking for more personalised advice to make your content stand out and attract your ideal clients?

I’m here to help! Grab yourself a 1:1 marketing support session, and we can optimise your marketing and content plan so clients can find you easily.

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