50 Ways To Market A Practitioner Business

People don’t believe me when I say there are 50+ ways to market a practitioner business, and there will be an option that suits anyone. So I decided to prove it to you all!

This list doesn’t cover every option ever. I have tried to include a few paid options – but heaps of free options for those on a budget. Some are quick, and others might take a little more time. There are options for people who love talking face to face, and options for those who would rather hide away. Many of them are relevant to clinic work, but others can be used for any kind of prac-related business model.

So no matter who you are – there is an option on here that can help you to market your practitioner business.

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50 Ways To Market A Practitioner Business

Let’s have a look at different ways you can market a practitioner business – no matter how you prefer to market yourself. PS – some categories overlap, so be sure to read them all!


  1. Tell someone what you do when they ask
  2. Share a relevant tip or fact during a conversation
  3. Make an offer to someone in person who has a problem you can help with
  4. Team up with another local business and offer a package
  5. Build a local network where you can support each other and pass on business whenever possible
  6. Let your clients know who you’d like to work with, and ask them to send any friends who fit that description along
  7. Ask your clients to leave reviews or testimonials (if your association allows it)
  8. Give someone a business card
  9. Give someone a flyer about what you do
  10. Put a special offer on flyers and leave them in places that your ideal clients might find them

With speaking

  1. Do a workshop at your local community centre
  2. Run a collaborative workshop with another business or practitioner
  3. Do a cooking demonstration at a local event
  4. Run a low-cost healthy cooking class
  5. Speak at a small local event, like a council festival
  6. Speak at a big event like MindBodySpirit
  7. Take part in an online Summit that overlaps with your niche
  8. Reach out to a non-profit that works with people you want to work with, and find ways to collaborate
  9. Start your own podcast
  10. Do a guest interview on someone else’s podcast

With writing

  1. Have a website that shares who you and what you do
  2. Write an article on your website
  3. Write a new article to use as a guest post on someone else’s website
  4. Rewrite an article to use as a guest post on someone else’s website
  5. Act as a media source for a news publication
  6. Act as a media source for relevant magazines or websites
  7. Write regular content for a website relevant to your niche
  8. Write regular content for a magazine or news publication relevant to your niche
  9. Publish a book for people in your niche
  10. Have a mailing list and newsletter where you share tips and advice, along with offers

With social media

  1. Have a profile/page on one or more social media channels
  2. Comment on a post with some general advice if someone has a problem you can help with
  3. Create a freebie that you can share across social media (and then link it to your mailing list)
  4. Put an offer out on your Facebook page
  5. Share tips on your Facebook page
  6. Put up an offer in a Facebook group
  7. Share tips into a Facebook group
  8. Do a Facebook live about a relevant topic
  9. Put an offer out on Instagram
  10. Upload a video on IGTV about a relevant topic
  11. Put an offer out on LinkedIn
  12. Republish a popular article you’ve written on LinkedIn
  13. Share videos via a YouTube channel and talk about what you love doing
  14. Do a guest interview or collaboration vlog with another YouTuber
  15. Invest in paid ads via social media (PS – I don’t recommend doing this until you’ve nailed your niche and free marketing techniques!)

Other options

  1. Create and sell a product line that ties in with your niche
  2. Offer to collaborate with an influencer who falls within your ideal client
  3. Create recipes for a program, publication or website
  4. Hold a stall at a local market to share your services and/or products
  5. Stick your branding on your car, clothes, or even get a tattoo with your logo (only if you’re really committed!)

Should you use all of these ways to market a practitioner business?


Don’t be silly.

If you have time to do that, you’re not working as a health practitioner. Even I can’t market someone’s business this many ways, even though it’s my job to help practitioners market!

But if you did at least one of these things every week – you’d be marketing your business 50 times a year.

If you did one of these things DAILY (and remember, some of them take 30 seconds or less, and many can be pre-scheduled or pre-planned!), that’s 365 chances to reach your ideal client. 

So don’t ever tell me you can’t market your business on the regular!


Don’t even know where to start when it comes to marketing your business? I’m here to help. Book in a 1:1 marketing session here, and we’ll put together a plan to suit your niche, skills and preferences.

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