The Passionate Prac Marketing Membership Is Live!

Are you stick of half-heartedly throwing up content and never getting results? Want to learn how to market your biz in a way that feels good, while still being quick, easy and effective? The Passionate Prac Marketing Membership is here to save the day!

This is for practitioners who are tired of playing small and are ready to take their business to the next level – whether that is building their client base beyond ‘barely making ends meet’, making a full-time wage, or building up to a 6 figure business.

The Passionate Prac Marketing Membership is for you if:

  • It feels like you’re constantly sharing, but none of your dream clients are actually out there listening to what you have to say

  • You struggle to put yourself out there, so you stick to resharing tips from other more successful practitioners instead

  • You’re always stuck in procrastination mode when it’s time to create content and market your business

  • You know that your business can help you leap into your dream life – if you could just keep on track with your marketing!

Ok, so what exactly does this Marketing Membership entail?

Marketing Membership launch Samantha Gemmell health writer brunette girl smiling and leaning on table while writing in pink and white notebook

I’m glad you asked. The marketing membership includes:

  • A monthly masterclass packed full of actionable tips to uplevel your marketing
  • Regular co-working sessions to keep you motivated and on track
  • Live Q&A sessions where you can get tailored advice for your marketing concerns
  • Access to free resources to make marketing a breeze
  • Juicy interviews to inspire you and educate you
  • Exclusive mini-trainings and tutorials
  • A private Facebook group where you can continue to ask questions and get feedback on your marketing and content
  • Plus more to be announced!

Using the tips, tools and support within the marketing membership will allow you to:

✅  Feel more confident to get yourself out there and share what you do
✅  Build the know-like-trust factor with your dream clients without spending hours slaving away at your laptop or phone
✅  Stay accountable with your goals while surrounded with like-minded pracs who cheer you on

Most importantly, you’ll have the know-how to craft and share enticing offers that your ideal clients can’t get enough of!

Sounds like it’s right up my alley, Sam! What’s the investment?

I know that so many pracs want to work on their marketing and grow their business – but in a way that is budget-friendly. That is why I will continue to offer a super-affordable membership price!

Members can join up for just $119AUD/month. 

Am I locked into the membership? Is there a minimum term?

Not at all – the membership is month to month. However, if you discontinue your membership, you will not retain your membership rate if you return in the future.

That is crazy-good value! Where do I sign up?

Slots for this round are currently closed. Want to be the first to find out when the next spots open? Join the waitlist here.

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