New Practitioner On A Budget? How To Keep Costs Down

When you’re ready to graduate, starting your own business seems so exciting! But when you’re a new practitioner on a budget, it feels more like a struggle.

I’ve been there – and I’ve made plenty of costly mistakes. I’ve spent money on the wrong things, and skimped on others that could have been a big help.

That’s why I want to share all of the tips I wish I’d known as a new practitioner on a budget.

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How to build a business when you’re a new practitioner on a budget

See your clients online

Gone are the days where you have to have a physical clinic space! You can see clients from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. Even if you’d like one long-term, you can get some money rolling in by seeing clients online.

When I see clients online, I use Zoom, as I’ve found it incredibly reliable. But other practitioners also use Skype and even integrated platforms such as Practice Better. Each of these has free options, although you might choose to upgrade if it suits your needs.

Whatever you choose, it’s still much more affordable than a clinic room that costs you hundreds of dollars every month!

Use a direct dispensary

Just a few years ago, a physical dispensary was your only option for prescribing practitioner-only products. But that has changed recently.

Plenty of your practitioner-only brands have online portals for clients if you’re particularly loyal to one brand. There are also online dispensaries that stock all sorts of supplements.

A popular one for supplements is If you’re prescribing herbal mixes, the lovely Jules over at Parkes Ave Dispensary will fill herbal prescriptions for practitioners Australia-wide.

This means 1 – no issues with products expiring and 2 – no pricey postage costs to cover the dozens of supplements you prescribe! Everyone is a winner.

DIY your legal docs

Lawyers can cost thousands of dollars to create just one document that customised to your business. But it’s also a terrible idea to copy-paste legal documents and disclaimers from other people, because it may not cover everything you need.

So what’s the middle option? DIY templates!

DIY templates that are designed by lawyers are a low-cost alternative to customised contracts and legals. That means you’re covering your butt legally without shelling thousands.

I use and love the template options from Michelle Whitehead. She works with small business owners and has plenty of health prac clients, so she gets what we need.

Not sure which legal documents to start with? Make sure you check out my interview with Michelle here.

PS – I’m a proud affiliate for Michelle’s templates. So if you click on the link and purchase any of the DIY packs, I may receive a small affiliate bonus.

Make the most of free marketing avenues

Marketing can get pricey if you get all of the bells and whistles from Vistaprint or MOO – believe me, I’ve been there!

But there are plenty of free options to market your biz when it’s still in its infancy. You just need to be clear on your marketing basics first.

Social media is an obvious one. It can be a balancing act to figure out the strategy and platform that works for you. It also means investing a fair bit of time into your marketing to begin with. But this will pay off in time.

But social media isn’t your only option. Things like writing blogs on a free or cheap website, sending out newsletters and just going out and talking about what you do are all great options for a new practitioner on a budget. Have a play and see which combination suits your personality.


I’m sure there are plenty of other tips out there, depending on where you’re at and what your business looks like. But for most practitioners, these hacks will save you thousands of dollars in your first year of business and beyond.


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