5 Reasons To Go On A Practitioner Business Retreat

Retreats are all about luxury and holidays, right? Wrong! Retreats aren’t just for your vacations – they can be a powerful business tool for a practitioner. So let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you want to go on a practitioner business retreat.

5 reasons to go on a practitioner business retreat resort pool in tropical location with palm trees

5 Reasons To Go On A Practitioner Business Retreat

To network with a variety of practitioners on a similar level to you

Networking in your local area is great, but it can only offer you so much. If you’re considering a practitioner business retreat, you’re on a higher level in your biz than many other practitioners. To you, it’s worthwhile to invest in your business to grow it. You’re willing to look outside the box of what many others are doing with their business.

But because a retreat will have attendees from across the country and even the globe, you also get to meet people doing really different things with their biz. This can give you an amazing network of talented practitioners and a load of inspiration for your own plans! In my experience, the bonds you form during a business event can last, no matter how little you get to see each other.

To uplevel your business

Unless you want to work at the level you’re at right now for the rest of your career, you need to take action to uplevel. A business doesn’t just uplevel itself overnight! A successful business has systems and plans in place to keep it running smoothly – especially when it comes to things like marketing.

A practitioner business retreat should be designed to help you reach the next level. Whether you’re a hobby-level business ready to go full-time, or you’re a fully booked practitioner looking to leverage your time – a biz retreat gives you the space and skills to make that leap.

To go on a guilt-free holiday

If you’re anything like me, your significant other is your business – and your partner is more like your mistress! When you love your job, it’s hard to step away from it for more than a few days. But practitioners are burning out at a rapid rate. If you want to be in this biz for the long-term, you need to be able to take time out.

That’s where a practitioner business retreat is the best of both worlds. You are away from the business, and hopefully in a tropical location with beaches and sunshine. But you’re also working on your business so you can continue to thrive as a business owner.

As a handy last-minute tax write-off!

When your business is growing, it’s great to be bringing in more money. But it’s also nice to have more excuse for spending money on business-related expenses so you don’t pay as much tax. I’m no tax agent, but a practitioner business retreat seems to be a much nicer way to spend your biz money than another splurge on Vistaprint or MOO products. It’s even more convenient if you can find a retreat that is running right before the end of the financial year – hint, hint.

To invest in yourself

One of my VIPs has a great saying about being self-employed: you are both the CEO and the star employee of your business. You’ll often treat yourself like the CEO by working yourself into the ground. But how would you usually treat a star employee? You’d give them regular breaks and perks. You’d pay them well. And if they were practitioners, you’d send them on an all-expenses-paid practitioner business retreat!

You are the most important piece of your business puzzle. Without you, it falls apart. So make sure you are getting the inspiration, the support and the loving kick up the bum that you need to keep being awesome!


Is it just about time for you to go on a practitioner business retreat? Lucky for you, I have the one for you!

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