Promo Burnout – When You Can’t Stand Your Own Hype Anymore

If you haven’t been in business long, you might not realise promo burnout is a thing. But believe me – it is!

Promo burnout is a bit different to a previous topic I’ve covered: promo paralysis. Promo paralysis is about being afraid to share your services. But promo burnout is something that almost every practitioner will experience.

Simply put, you just get sick of selling yourself. This might be because you’re just not feeling confident in yourself and your services. Or you might have hit a period of general apathy and pessimism about the state of the world.

But unfortunately, if you want your biz to succeed, you can’t stay stuck in promo burnout. So let’s look at some ways to relieve the symptoms, and how to prevent promo burnout from occurring in the first place.

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How to recover from promo burnout

Feeling meh about what you have to offer? Here are some ways to escape promo burnout and get back to marketing yourself.

Reconnect with your why

Why do you do what you do?

Why have you chosen your profession over all of the other options out there?

There’s a high chance it’s because you want to help people. But get really specific. Write out in detail why you’re getting out of bed in the morning and running your business.

Once you know why you’re doing it, it’s easier to promote with enthusiasm and passion.

Come from a place of offering, not selling

Hate selling your services?

You’re not alone. Most practitioners do.

But at the same time, you probably want to be booked up so you can help dozens of people every week.

How do you get over this catch-22?

Instead of selling, offer.

Selling generally gives off the vibe of pushing it on people when they don’t really know if they want it or need it.

Instead, you want to offer your services to those who might be in need of them. It takes away the icky feeling if you’re putting them out there for those who could benefit, and those who won’t benefit can just scroll on past.

How would you promote your best friend’s services?

This is a handy one, especially given that I get paid to promote my best friends’ services all the time.

We are so good at being cheerleaders for our favourite people. Because we genuinely love those people and what they have to offer, we spruik them without trying.

So, if you have a practitioner bestie (or you can imagine one!), give this a go.

If your best friend wanted to promote *insert product/service here*, how would you get the word out there for them? What would you say to people who asked you about it?

Use that as a basis for marketing yourself.

How to prevent promo burnout in the first place

The best kind of promo burnout is the kind that you avoid by getting smart with your strategies. Here are a few ways to prevent it.

Schedule your offers in advance

Had a really high-vibe day with amazing clients? Now is the time to put together a bunch of content to share your offers down the track.

Schedule in a weekly or fortnightly promo post on Facebook, or pre-record a video or two for your website or Instagram. If it’s scheduled, you don’t have to feel high-vibe enough to hit post.

Make sure your offers serve you as well

Ever created a service just because someone else said ‘why don’t you do this?’ or ‘I’d pay for this?’

This is a common mistake I see health practitioners making. Just because you can offer a service doesn’t mean you’ll love it. And if you don’t love it, you’ll get over promoting it REAL quick.

So check in with your services, and whether they make you feel good.

If you hate 1:1 work, pull it back a little and find a way to promote group services instead. If online consults pay the bills but you prefer in-person, stop promoting the online consults as much and start to focus on in-person clients.

Nail your niche

I may have mentioned this at least half a dozen times within previous articles. But if you’re not clear on your niche, your promo can miss the mark. And if your promo misses the mark, you can get all gloomy and think no one wants what you have to offer.

Get clear on who the promotion is benefiting. Then write or explain it in a way that connects with that person.

Share them where ideal clients hang out

Even if you create the perfect copy (newsflash: doesn’t exist) for your fabulous offer, if no one sees it, no one can take it up. Part of nailing your niche is not just knowing about them, but also finding where they’re hanging out.

Wanting to attract people 30+ and/or mums? Facebook is a good starting point.

Business peeps? LinkedIn or even business Facebook groups is the go-to.

Working with teens? Get on Snapchat or Twitch or TikTok or whatever the whippersnappers are loving these days (clearly I am ancient and know nothing of these trends anymore)


Are you stuck in promo burnout with no end in sight? I’m here to help. With a 1:1 marketing support session, we can find a way to share your services that feels easy and good. Click here to book your appointment.

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