How To Recycle Health Content For Your Biz

As a health practitioner, you have a lot going on. You’re a biz owner, but you also have to juggle your admin, your legals, your ongoing education and your marketing. So you might not have time to write fresh content every time you wish you could! The good news is, there are ways to recycle health content so that you can get 5 or more uses out of the one blog! Today, I’ll take you through the steps I use to get the most out of my content so you can do the same.

recycle health content

How To Recycle Health Content

Start with one piece of content

I might be magical, but even I can’t teach you how to click your fingers to produce a piece of content! So you do need to have one piece to start off. I use my articles as my starting point, but you could do this with something like a popular video as well.

Not sure what to write about? Start here, here and here for ideas.

Pick out some quick, snappy quotes

The next thing is to find parts of the content that can be reshared on your social media. This might be an interesting statistic, a ‘did you know’, or a simple tip to help with a problem. 1-2 sentences is all you need for each. These are perfect for popping into your pre-done social media templates, because it only takes 1 minute for each quote to be transformed into something you can share on Facebook and Instagram!

Gather tips for Facebook groups

If you’re in a Facebook group where you can promote your services, there’s a good chance that you can share tips into the group as well. But you don’t need to come up with new tips constantly – your content is full of them! I pull 3-5 facts out of every blog I write, and use those throughout the groups I use each week. All I have to do is copy and paste it across with only minor tweaks.

Your article itself can also be shared as a freebie if you don’t have a specific freebie for your biz yet.

Into videos? Use it as a script!

Scared of doing videos because you’ll stumble over your words while you’re talking? Have your article up in the background and use it as a script. You could do the whole article as a video, or you could just share a couple of your favourite tips from it. Easy peasy!

Transform it into a guest blog

Guest blogging for other people is a great way to increase the reach of your message, but it can be time-consuming. Instead of starting from scratch, why not rewrite some of your most popular blogs and offer it as a guest blog?

Pop it up on LinkedIn

If you’re trying to target corporate peeps, you can pop the article over on LinkedIn. Some people only put a chunk, and then link it back to the original. Others just put a hyperlink down the bottom that says ‘originally published here’, linking back to their website.

Print them out for the clinic waiting room

Would you rather your clients read Women’s Day, or would you rather offer them an education while they wait? If you have a popular article that is in your niche, print out a few copies and leave them in the waiting room to read. This can be particularly useful if you’re in a multi-modality clinic where other clients can read it as well!

Reschedule the share

Believe it or not, most people won’t see the first time you share an article on your Facebook page. Some won’t even see it the second or third time. Most posts on Facebook only reach about 10% of your audience! So the easiest way to recycle health content is to reschedule it to share in 3 months time.


If you do just these tips, you can change one 500 word blog into 10-20 pieces of content. Now that’s what I call repurposing!

Want to recycle health content in your biz, but need someone to guide you through?

I’m here to help! Simply book in a 1:1 session here, and we can create oodles of recycled content together in just 60 min.

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