Running Out Of Content Ideas?

content ideasIt’s always easy to create content at the start of the year. Your mind is fresh and full of great ideas to share with your prospective clients. But as we ease into the later part of the year, you might find yourself running out of content ideas. Never fear: here are some strategies to get your brain flowing with content again.

Ways To Find Content Ideas

Go to a practitioner meetup

This might be within a clinic or just with local practitioners that you know. Head along to a breakfast meeting, or even throw one yourself. Chat with the others and pick their brains. What questions do clients ask them? What struggles come up for them? Everyone will have different ideas to share. Make sure you share them back as well!

Reach out for guest content

The best content is content that you don’t need to create. So if you have any referral partners or like-minded businesses around, ask them if they’d like to submit a guest blog on a related topic. It’s still important that it’s easy to read and supports your audience. Check here for more about guest blogs on your own site.

Find a different angle for an old topic

You might think that once a topic is done and dusted, that’s it. But that is so far from the truth. You can write at least 5 different articles on every topic. Cover the what, the why, the how, and how it relates to other topics. You can have overlap in your articles – it’s not the end of the world if a point is covered in multiple articles. In fact, it shows that it’s part of your key message.

Ask a friend

We all have a friend who is blissfully ignorant to our modality. Now is the time to utilise that friend! Meet up for a coffee, and ask them to let loose with any questions they have about what you do. Take notes – these are all potential content ideas.

Don’t forget the basics

It’s amazing how much we assume people know about what we do as practitioners. But not everyone has had the benefit of your education, your research and the like. People still get surprised when I explain that too much sugar causes energy fluctuations and mood swings! So pull it right back to the 101 of your topic areas.


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