Supplements While Traveling – What I Use

I wouldn’t be a nutritionist if I didn’t use supplements while traveling! Travel is great for the spirit, but it can be hard on the body. This is particularly true if you are flying long distance, or over multiple time-zones.


So what does a nutritionist take to keep her body in tip-top health on her travels? Here’s a sneak peek into my favourites.Supplements While Traveling

Recommendation: Supplements While Traveling

A shelf-stable probiotic

The majority of your vitality is right in your gut! That’s why I will always prioritize my gut flora when I need to be performing at my best.

By keeping your digestive tract happy, you boost everything. Your body will digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently. The gut flora act as a barrier against pathogens that might give you nasty symptoms like food poisoning. You’ll also feel less bloated – essential for cramped flights!

Most probiotics need to be refrigerated for stability. However, there are certain strains that can be at room temperature. One potent strain is S. boulardii. This yeast is believed to help with issues such as diarrhoea – something you definitely don’t want while on the move! This makes it an ideal additional to your supplements while traveling.

Remember, shelf-stable probiotics vary in quality. Always use a practitioner-level brand to ensure that you are getting therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, your chocolate-covered probiotic balls probably won’t cut it for travel!


You could use a thousand different supplements while traveling. But if I had to choose only one, it would have to be zinc. Zinc is one of my favourite nutrients, and for good reason.

Zinc can boost your immunity, keeping you safe from picking up foreign bugs. It can also protect your body from radiation damage during the flight by increasing antioxidant activity. It’s also fantastic for supporting your body under stress.

I also highly recommend a zinc supplement if you’re going to be eating a lot of raw plant foods or a plant-based diet. This is because zinc is quite low in plant foods, and a lot of it cannot be absorbed well by the body. As I’m traveling with some plant-based friends, I’m making sure I keep my zinc levels balanced.


Travel has a lot of downsides. Poor quality sleep. Sore muscles. Jet lag hangovers. Luckily, there’s one mineral that can help with all of these things – my favourite, magnesium!

Magnesium is the ultimate muscle relaxant. In fact, it relaxes everything, including your nervous system. We churn through a lot of magnesium when stressed out. That’s why this is perfect for travel, especially when you’re about to miss a flight or took a wrong turn in an isolated location.

This particular brand of magnesium also has sour cherry, a natural source of melatonin. Sour cherry is known for relieving sleeplessness and sore muscles. Two for the price of one!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has so many uses, I can’t even list them all in one post! But one biggie to consider while flying all over the world is its antioxidant properties.

When we fly, we are exposed to higher levels of radiation, as we are literally closer to the sun. This means that our bodies need more antioxidants to repair the damage caused by radiation.

Buffered vitamin C supplements are easier on the digestive tract, so you can take therapeutic doses without upsetting your tummy.

Herbal tea

As my partner may tell you, I think that herbal tea is the answer to every problem ever. Why would travel be any different? Teas are a great way to ground yourself and relax when overseas.

I’ve gone with Pukka’s Three Ginger blend as my main tea for this trip. This is because it’s a) tasty, and b) super therapeutic for cold weather. It combines 3 anti-inflammatory roots that are naturally warming and soothing. This means I can use it on cold days to warm up, to sip on the plane, or to soothe any sickness I catch.

Ginger is also ideal for nausea. So if you don’t handle flying or driving well, add it into your regime to soothe the queasy tummy.

A health tonic

Greece is hella cold at this time of year. I also happen to have terrible circulation. That’s why I wanted a warming tonic for my immune system and nervous system.

Enter  Dose Vitality Tonic. Made by the lovely (and easy on the eye) Reece Carter, it is my favourite herbal blend. As someone who has had a lot of herbal tinctures and tonics over the years, I can also attest to the taste – it’s at least 50 times better than any other blend!

The main ingredient, and flavour, is ginger. This root has so many benefits for your immunity and circulation. It also contains ginseng, which is great for stress and overall vitality.

If you’re looking for something a little more tailored, visit your friendly naturopath for a personalized blend. Finances a little too tight? See a student naturopath at your nearest Endeavour campus for a fraction of the price.

Other supplements to consider

A greens powder – I’ve popped a few sachets of Vital Greens in my carry-on. These are perfect if you’re not sure about what you’ll be eating while on the move. They also help with boosting antioxidant activity while flying.

Valerian – I can sleep pretty much anywhere. But if you struggle with resting while overseas, consider combining valerian into your regime. It gives you a deep, restful sleep, without the groggy hangover that sleeping pills have.

Vitamin D – If you’re off to somewhere chilly, vitamin D might be a good idea. It helps maintain your immune system and prevents deficiency, especially if you’re rugged up in multiple layers.

Remember, your needs are individual. So if you’re not sure what supplements you should be taking, consult a practitioner.

What are your go-to supplements while traveling? Let me know your favourites!

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