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Create A Morning Routine

How many times have you groaned when you wake up? You don’t want to go to work, your brain is all fuzzy. You scroll through your Facebook feed seeing everyone’s highlights. This is guaranteed to make you feel like poop. But what if you could create a morning routine? What if it could make you […]

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Get Quality Rest, For Goodness Sake!

If there is one thing that every single person on this planet needs in order to truly thrive, it is high-quality zzzs. Quality rest is essential to well-being. But so many have issues with getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking up feeling unrefreshed, or all of the above! So here’s a handful of handy tips […]

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Meditation: What’s The Deal?

Anyone who has ever had a health issue has been told to meditate. But telling someone to meditate doesn’t really work unless you have reason to back it up – whether it be a personal experience, clinical experience, or research to back it up. But meditation does make a difference.   So I’m going to be […]

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