What Does It Mean To Thrive?

It is my core belief that anyone can thrive, no matter what health condition they may have. But what does that mean? How do I learn to thrive?to thrive

Thriving doesn’t necessarily mean you cure yourself – although if you manage that, all the more power to you.

It doesn’t mean ignoring your symptoms or pushing through. You’ve done that before, and it doesn’t achieve anything.

It doesn’t mean ticking off a huge list of things that are ‘good’ for you but that you really don’t even enjoy.

So how would I define thriving?

Thriving is finding a way to pursue your passion, even if you do it from the couch or from the bed.

Unless your passion is some kind of Olympic sport, there is always a way to infuse your passions into your everyday life. The world is now connected. There are thousands of people every day who utilize the internet to begin businesses, write blogs, create art, start support groups and change their lives. If you thrive, you use everything you have access to in order to inspire and lift yourself.

Thriving is surrounding yourself with beautiful upbeat souls who inspire you.

Nothing good ever came of being surrounded by Negative Nancy type people. If you hear negativity all day every day, your brain picks up on it. It rewires you to see the negative, the sad, the angering, the hatred, all of the downfalls of the world. Surround yourself with people who speak from the heart, who strive to see the beauty in the world, and who inspire you. You will feel better and will feel empowered to make choices to become your best you.

Thriving is understanding that a bad day is just that – a bad day. 

When you thrive, you still have bad days. You flare up, you get sick. You get down about something. But what you understand is that it is just a single bad day. You get that ‘This too, shall pass’, that it doesn’t mean a major relapse is imminent. You know that fighting it will not achieve anything. So, you relax into it with a cup of herbal tea, a snuggly blankie and a good movie.

Thriving is feeding your mind, body and soul the best you can.

The only way to truly thrive is if you give your entire being the best fuel you can manage. You want to feed your body with nourishing food and movement. Your mind needs positivity and learning, your soul needs connection and love. But it’s not an overnight process, and everyone’s ‘best’ is different. Even if it means all you can do is add a single serve of green veggies to your day, or remove someone negative from your newsfeed, or take a break from watching the news, that is a step that will make you feel better the more you do it, and then will empower you to make further changes.

Thriving is the ultimate act of self-care. 

It is the marriage between your physical wellbeing, your mind’s need to grow, and your soul’s need to achieve goals, be of service, and feel loved and supported. Not every day will look the same – some days sipping smoothies and going for a run may be self-care, and on others it may be to stay indoors, keeping warm and watching reruns of your favourite comedy.

Thriving is learning to listen to yourself.

In the end, thriving is about strengthening your connection to your body, mind and soul, so that you can hear what they are trying to tell you. In the end, they are the best medicine for you, because they know what you really need to be well within yourself.

How are you going to thrive today?

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