What To Share With Your Followers (When You Have No Effin Clue)

Do you get stuck when it comes to what to share with your followers?

We all get a little writer’s block every now and then when it comes to content creation. Sometimes, you want to create all of the content, and sometimes you get into a slump. That’s normal!

But if you find yourself constantly struggling to come up with ideas of what to share with your followers, these tips might get you inspired.

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What To Share With Followers: Your Handy Guide

Ask them a question

So many people forget about the ‘social’ in ‘social media‘. Social media is a conversation between yourself and the people who follow you.

We all know that one guy at a gathering that makes every conversation about him. Whatever you do, don’t be that guy!

Show interest in your followers – what they think, what they struggle with, what they want, what they’re celebrating or proud of. The easiest way to do this is by asking them questions on a regular basis.

Give them tips and tricks

How do people know that you know your stuff when it comes to your area of expertise? By you sharing tips, tricks and handy facts with your followers!

Tips and tricks are simple and easy to explain to people, and are often nice short posts that people interact with. You can often pull them from other sources of content, so you don’t have to come up with them off the top of your head.

Often I have practitioners ask me where to draw the line when it comes to sharing their knowledge and tips. I’ve ranted about this before, but to put it simply: you can’t share ‘too much’ as long as you’re sharing general info.

If you choose to hold back on actionable tips, people will find that same information somewhere else! It’s better for you to be the one sharing and becoming their trusted expert.

Make them laugh!

Life is serious enough as it is – especially in 2020. So why not lighten it up a little bit and share a laugh with your followers?

If you find a meme or joke that is relevant for your followers, save it up and share it when your inspiration is a bit low.

The good thing about posts that make people laugh is that they are more likely to interact with it – including tagging friends or sharing to their own profile. This gets you in front of new people, but that is why you want to make sure it is relevant to your niche – otherwise you might end up with a bunch of followers who aren’t even close to your ideal client.

Not sure what is relevant to your people? You might need to get a bit clearer on what your niche is – but in the meantime, memes about coffee and sleep are almost always relevant!

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Be real and raw

In case I haven’t reminded you enough – people want to work with practitioners who are real people. The number one way to build trust with people is to give them a reason to connect with you. And as humans, the main way we connect is by feeling like we have something in common.

If you’re still hiding behind your ‘professional’ persona, now is the time to be a smidge bit more down to earth and real with your followers.

This doesn’t always mean being super vulnerable. If you’re going through a tough time, you don’t have to share the details at the time. But you can reflect on it in future, especially if that struggle is one that your audience relates to.

If you are more on the private side, being real can also be as simple as showing little snippets of behind the scenes. People love to see what happens in the back-end of a business!

Looking for some examples? Here are a few that I have done (or would 100% do!):

  • Spilled your coffee? Chuck it up on an Instagram story with a funny poll such as ‘Should I just quit today and go back to bed?’
  • Done an interview or a podcast? Do a hyperlapse of you as you’re recording or chatting to share later as a teaser. Laugh at how much you use your hands when you’re passionate about a topic!
  • Have a little ritual you do every morning that involves one or more brands (e.g. coffee, essential oils, oracle cards)? Pop up a pic or vid of your ritual, explain why you love it, and give a shout out to the brand(s). The brands will likely reshare it, which gets you in front of new eyeballs as well!
  • Goofed up when you’ve been using new tech, or your tech has gone a bit haywire? Own it, share it as your oops moment for the day, and ask your followers if they’ve ever done something similar!
  • Having a self-care day? Put a pic up of you with your oh-so-fabulous clay mask! Bonus if you ask your followers what they are doing to take care of themselves today.
  • Written a brand new blog? Post up a boomerang video as a teaser for your followers (I may or may not have done exactly that with this blog!)

Keep it relevant to where they are at

One mistake I often see practitioners making is talking about the real problem and solution. But for the majority of people who need health advice, they don’t know what their underlying issue is.

Only a handful of your clients will already know what is causing their health concerns! That’s why you need to remember where on the health journey your average follower is.

Don’t want to feel like you’re talking down to people when you’re explaining a concept? I love using phrases such as ‘some people may not know..’ or ‘many people don’t realise..’ That way, you’re not assuming who does and doesn’t know about a topic.

Right now, it’s more important than ever to stay relevant to where your followers are at.

With the big C word going down (who would’ve thought ‘cancer’ would stop being the scary life-changing C-word that everyone avoided??), your followers may be out of work, on a budget, juggling multiple responsibilities or caring for others. Make sure that the tips, advice, funny pics and questions you ask remain relevant to the current situation.

The good news is that a lot of content can be pivoted to suit. For example, if you have a blog that has advice about optimising recovery from workouts that you shared back in January when everyone was hitting the gym, you can reshare the tips. Just add that all of the tips are just as relevant for those who are now working out at home!


These are the exact steps that I follow whenever I’m looking to create content for my social media – including my Facebook page, Instagram and even LinkedIn! So the next time you get stuck with what to share with your followers, pull this up for a refresher to get you feeling inspired again.

Don’t know what to share with your followers? Want some personalised advice?

I’m here to help. To book a 1:1 session and get your content plan sorted, click here.

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