Who Are You Really Writing For?

who writing forEvery week, you sit down and write a blog. A few times each week, you share a status on your Facebook business page. But have you ever thought about who you are really writing for? Today, I wanted to chat about who you might be targeting – and who you might like to target.

You’re really writing for: your ideal client

If you’re a practitioner, the number one person you want to target with content is your ideal client. This is the person that you want to come and see you. They might live a particular lifestyle – think mums – or maybe they are dealing with a particular health concern.

In order to write for your ideal client, you need to speak their language. So you want to:

  • Keep explanations of complex mechanisms simple so they can understand
  • Use the terminology that they use to describe their problems, so they identify that you understand
  • Make it clear that you offer support with what they are dealing with

When you speak their language, they will listen. And at some point, they will reach out for help – and boom! You’ve landed your dream client.

You’re really writing for: the media

If you’re online as a business, you have the potential to get involved with the media in some way, shape or form. When used correctly, it can help to build your reputation as a health expert. So if this is your goal, you need to keep it in mind when writing.

In order to write to attract media, you want to:

  • Have a ‘media’ page on your site that shows your experience giving advice anywhere other than your own site. Mine shares different publications and links where I’ve been quoted as an expert
  • Keep articles actionable and fun to read. The media loves people who can make even boring topics enjoyable!
  • Share your content everywhere. The more it’s out there, the more likely it is to be seen by a journalist
  • Jump on SourceBottle. This is where I have picked up numerous opportunities to share my expertise with publications

You’re really writing for: other opportunities

There are so many opportunities out there for a health practitioner these days! Brands are always scoping out people to share tips in their posts, contribute to their publications and represent them as ambassadors. So depending on your goals, this might be a factor to consider.

In order to write to attract other opportunities, you need to:

  • Be authentic in your writing. Showcase your personality
  • Stay true to your values, so you can attract the brands and businesses that share those values
  • Get your content out there! Share it on social media and in your newsletters so people get a chance to scope it out

I’ve worked with numerous brands who have pulled me on board after reading my nutrition content. Some have wanted recipes, others wanted quotes, and some even wanted me to come on board with their ebooks! There really is no limit to what you could do with quality content.

Are you not clear on who you’re writing for, how to write for them, or why? My 1:1 sessions might suit you. Head here to learn more.


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