One Reason Why Your Dream Clients Aren’t Booking In

So you’ve set yourself up as a practitioner with your clinic space, your supplies and your business cards. But your dream clients aren’t booking in with you.

Where are they?

Is it that you’re just not good enough as a praccie?

Do you need to do further workshops and trainings in specialised techniques and areas?


There is usually one big reason why clients aren’t booking in – and it’s nothing to do with you as a practitioner. It’s about you as a marketer.

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Why Your Dream Clients Aren’t Showing Up

I always say that business and marketing is just like health. You know what your symptom is – clients not knocking down your door – but you’re not sure about the root cause of why this is happening.

For us to remedy this, we have to dig a little deeper and uncover what is holding you back.

Whenever I work with practitioners, I find that there are 3 major reasons why their dream clients aren’t turning up in the first place.

All 3 of these reasons come back to visibility – putting yourself out there and announcing what you offer with pride.

Clients aren’t booking because they don’t know you exist

It’s pretty simple. If clients are going to book in with you, they need to know you even exist in the first place.

It is not a client’s job to track you down and find you. It is your job to put yourself out there so that they know about you!

So how can you do that?

Work on getting visible – in whatever way you can.

There are countless ways to market yourself and get your name out there. But some that work particularly well for practitioners include:

Once you have a reasonable audience, there are more advanced visibility strategies such as:

  • Webinars
  • 5-day challenges
  • Opt-ins such as a video series

Clients aren’t booking because they don’t know your services

So people already know you exist. They follow you on social media, or they’ve signed up to your regular newsletter. But they’re still not booking in.

Let me ask you this:

When was the last time you made an offer to them?

Again, it’s not your follower’s job to track down exactly what you offer.

It’s your job to put the offers out thereregularly.

This doesn’t have to mean bombarding them with offers every single day. You could start just by putting your top 2-3 services into your Facebook page Services tab. That way, it will pop up above your newsfeed whenever someone visits your page.

Once you do put out an offer, make sure it’s clear and simple for them to take it up. Include a call to action such as a booking link or your clinic’s phone number.

They don’t know that they are your dream clients

You’re showing up and getting in front of people. You’re putting out offers on the regular. But still, no one is nibbling.

Is it because they don’t know that it’s a fit for them?

Unless you specify who your dream clients are and how your services can help, they may not get it.

For example, if you put out an energy-boosting package for anyone who has ever felt tired ever? You’re probably not going to get much interest.

But if you put out an energy-booster package for mums who are struggling to find the balance between full-time work and their kids? BOOM. They know it’s for them.

Every piece of content and every offer you put out there needs to connect with the right people. If you’re not connecting with them, they won’t know you’re the practitioner for them.

So get specific. Who are you serving? How are you serving them? Why are you the best person to serve them?

Don’t know who your dream clients are, or afraid to narrow it down? This blog is for you.

Bonus: they’re not booking because it takes time to build trust

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear. You wanted your bookings to fill up 2 weeks ago, so you don’t want it to ‘take time’!

But in this day and age, it does take time to build trust, especially over social media.

You need to show up and put out offers over and over again. 

You need to be consistent in your marketing and content.

Don’t believe me?

  • I have had people follow me for 12+ months before they’ve signed up as VIPs.
  • I have had people sign up for my services – and I didn’t even know they were following me in the first place!
  • I’ve even had people reference content I created years ago as the reason they took the plunge and booked a session with me!

If you keep showing up, being consistent and connecting with people, you will build a successful and thriving clinic.


Is it time to get your dream clients booking in?

I’m here to help. Book a 1:1 marketing session here, and we can work together so you can serve more of those dream clients and make a difference!

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