Why Health Blogging Matters For Your Biz

why health blogging mattersI’ve heard it all before – blogging is dead, video is the new thing. While video may have its place, which I’ll talk about in a future blog, health blogging matters for your biz. Here, I cover some of the reasons why.

Why Health Blogging Matters For Your Biz

It tells prospective clients about your niche

If you’re in business, you need a niche – an area that you focus on. And one of the best ways to tell prospective clients all about your niche is by creating content about it.

Yes, you can put it on your service page. But saying you work with X condition doesn’t really convince people, particularly if it’s part of a long list of conditions. By consistently creating content around your niche, you are telling those prospective clients that their condition isn’t one of a million things you talk about. You’re showing them that what they are dealing with is your THING.

It tells Google what you’re all about

People think that they can put a bit of SEO into their main website pages and become the top dog in the area. It’s not that simple. To illustrate how health blogging can communicate with Google, let me tell you about Mel.

Mel is a myotherapist based in Ferntree Gully. When I met her, she had just moved to her new premises, and was panicking about getting new clients. So we worked together on tweaking her website content, but then she signed up for my VIP program.

Mel’s website is now the top-ranked result for ‘myotherapist Ferntree Gully’. But most people don’t really know what a myotherapist is! So using regular content and keywords, we have now also gotten her to the first result for ‘massage therapist Ferntree Gully’.

What does that mean? It means that health blogging has Mel getting around 3 new clients every single week, without her having to go out and convince them.

It positions you as the expert

I know that every health practitioner out there has loathed a celebrity or Instagram star for their ‘health advice’ at one point or another. But if you want to change that, you need to get out there and create engaging content for people to learn from!

By showcasing your expertise in your modality in articles, you are not just telling clients that’s your jam. You’re also showcasing it to the media, to journalists, and to other parties that happen to be researching that topic. How awesome would it be if you were approached by the media to discuss a topic that you’re passionate about? Or if you were asked to speak at an event because you were clearly the most knowledgeable expert the organiser came across?

It prepares you for discussing topics in your clinic

Sometimes, it can be hard to verbalise something on the spot when you’re with a client. By writing about these things, you can get really clear on them. I always make sure my VIPs have a topic on their blog about their modality and what it does. This way, they know exactly what to say when someone asks them what they do – because it’s already there.

It warms up prospective clients

Finally, the right articles can turn someone from vaguely interested to ready to work with you. By creating content that interests your reader, but also educates them, you can take them on their first steps in the health journey before you even work with them. That’s why I believe it’s so important to share engaging, actionable content. You never know if what you share is going to change someone’s life!


Health blogging matters if you want to market yourself in the online space. It doesn’t have to be 3 articles every week, and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. But regular articles can support your biz in so many ways. So make sure it goes on your to-do list!

If you’ve realised that health blogging matters for your business, make sure you check out all of my articles about writing for your health biz here.

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