Why You Need A Mailing List As A Practitioner

When you start up your clinic, a mailing list might be low on your list of priorities. But let me tell you – the earlier you create yours, the better.

In my books, having a list you can send out newsletters and emails to is non-negotiable for your marketing. Let me tell you why.

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Why a mailing list is a non-negotiable for a clinic-based business

Ok, non-negotiable might be a bit strong. But for 95% of practitioners and healers, I recommend having a mailing list, even if it’s not the core of your marketing strategy. Here’s why.

A mailing list reaches more people

Social media seems social, but it probably isn’t reaching anywhere near what you think. Most people who follow your social media channels won’t even see your posts on a regular basis! The same goes for physical marketing methods – most flyers end up straight in the bin after one glance.

On the other hand, a mailing list email gets delivered directly to that person’s email. A small percentage might get caught in a junk folder, but the delivery rate is much higher than other options.

You’ll also see how many people are opening your emails – my open rate sits between 30-40%, which is much higher than the <10% of people who see the average Facebook post!

A mailing list is your property

The scariest thing about relying on social media to market your biz? It’s not yours. A Facebook employee could click the wrong button tomorrow and all of your efforts would be deleted.

When people give you their email and permission to contact them, that list is yours. You can take it to whatever platform you want to contact them.

You can send updates, promotions and more

Going to move your clinic to the next suburb? Send an email.

Put together a spring cleanse package or a new year deal? Send an email.

Got some last-minute slots that you want to fill up? Send an email.

Written a blog that is perfect for your ideal clients? Send an email.

Your newsletter allows you to reach out to your followers directly so they always know what is going on.

On a side note, a mailing list also allows the quiet people who follow you for months until they convert to feel connected. I’ve had several people who I didn’t even know about convert into paying clients through a single offer via the newsletter!

Everyone is on your list because they want to be

For me, this is the key. Every single person on your list has given you permission to connect with them because they trust you with their email. In this day and age, that’s no small feat.

People understand that being on your list means you’ll share content, tips and promotions with them. And they are ok with that.

These people are what is known as your warm audience. The more value you give them, the warmer they’ll be, and eventually they will take the steps to work with you.

Even if they don’t end up working with you due to distance or some other obstacle, they will start to recommend you to friends and family.

You get to build rapport with people, and they get value from you. Everyone wins!

How to create a mailing list

Just starting out and getting the basics in place? Don’t have a mailing list yet? All you need to get started is maybe an hour of your time. You just have to:

  1. Pick a platform. I currently use Mailchimp, because it’s easy and I’ve had no real issues with it. You might go with something different depending on what you want from yours.
  2. Create a list within that platform.
  3. Share the link for people to sign up to that list wherever and whenever it’s relevant.
  4. Send out newsletters and offers on a regular basis. I like to go by the rule of at least 4 newsletters with free valuable content for every 1 promo-only email.
  5. Optional: create a freebie that entices people to sign up for your list.


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