What Should You Write About For A Health Blog?

What to write aboutIf there’s one question I get asked every week, it’s ‘what should I write about for my blog?’ Many people think there’s a limited amount of topics to cover. Or others might think there’s too many to choose from!

The truth is, there are things that you should – and shouldn’t – write about. Let’s look at the topics that might be best for your business.

What you should write about

There are plenty of things that you can write about for your blog, no matter what your modality. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Basic topics: think that you don’t need to explain your modality? What to expect in an appointment? Not everyone has your knowledge about it. I still explain what a nutritionist does at least 3 times every week. So save your voice, and have it ready in a link to reshare at a moment’s notice.
  • Topics that interest your ideal client: the major purpose of your blog is to share information for your ideal client. There’s not much point in writing about sports nutrition if you want to work with tired mums. Have a brainstorm about the topics that might appeal to your target audience.
  • Answers to questions you get asked constantly: if you’re always being asked about it, and it takes more than one sentence to answer – it’s a blog topic. Even if it takes one sentence, it can be expanded!
  • Simple pieces about breaking research: new research is released all the time. A great way to always have things to write about is to keep up to date with new releases from relevant journals. You can write up a simple summary and its implications in an hour or less.
  • Relevant personal posts: There are some ways that you can share ‘you’ in more personal posts. One post I encourage all practitioners to write is why they are a practitioner, and their unique approach to care. This gives the reader a way to connect with you, without needing to know every detail of your life!

What you shouldn’t write about

I don’t like to use the words ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’. But there are some topics that, shall we say, won’t support your journey as a successful practitioner.

  • Overly personal posts: Unless it’s directly related to your practice – for example, a fertility naturopath’s experience with miscarriage – it may not be suitable. I definitely say let your personality shine through, and don’t hide who you are or what you’ve gone through. But unless you have a highly engaged following, they are more likely to benefit from actionable posts.
  • Super-complex mechanism and research topics: Repeat after me: I am not writing for a peer-reviewed journal! So many practitioners go out there and write about things like they’re still in uni. But the average person can’t read the things that you write to uni standards.
  • Controversial topics you can’t support with evidence: this is just asking for someone to start a fight. If you take a controversial stance, make sure you have your evidence and research to back it up. Otherwise, you’re headed straight for dangerous territory that can destroy your reputation.

Still lost when it comes what to write about for your blog?

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