Writing Health Content? When To Seek Help

writing health content - when to ask for helpWhen you’re writing health content, things can go wrong. Whether it’s for your blog, an ebook or another project, there are times when you’re doing just fine, and others where you struggle. But how do you know when it’s time to get some help?

This is my area of expertise! Every practitioner is different, but there are a few ways that I can spot whether someone is in need of assistance. Here’s what I look for.

Writing Health Content

When To DIY

There are plenty of practitioners out there that are writing health content perfectly well by themselves! There are usually a few factors that show whether you can DIY your content:

  • You have time for writing health content. This might be because you only work part-time, or because you prioritise that time.
  • You love writing! I have come across plenty of pracs who love to write about their passions.
  • Writing doesn’t stress you out or take you hours. It’s just another thing on the to-do list that is easy and quick to tick off.

If you fall into this category, good for you! I’m still here to help you be the best writer – make sure you check out my other health writing articles.

When you might need some support

Not everyone needs to completely outsource their writing. In fact, some might just need a little education or some editing support. After that, they are good to move onto DIY.

Think you might need some editing support? Pop me through a message.

When it might be time to outsource

Finally, there are people that really struggle with writing health content. These are the people who will want to consider outsourcing the process altogether.

  • You hate writing with a passion. Every time you sit down to write an article, you’re overwhelmed with stress, boredom or other negative emotions.
  • You’re very critical of your own writing. It takes you ages to edit your writing because your perfectionist tendencies kick in.
  • You really don’t have time. In fact, the time you do spend on writing health content just takes you away from what you love most – seeing clients.

If this is you, writing health content is causing more problems than it’s solving. It’s time to have a think about outsourcing your content. The important thing to remember is that outsourced content doesn’t have to feel disconnected. A good ghostwriter will be able to capture your voice and your thoughts, and write from that perspective.

Looking for the best of both worlds? Make sure you check out the VIP program.

Which category do you fall under? Do you love writing health content, or is it a chore? Let me know below!

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